Love Love?

TV (9 eps x 13 min)
2.299 of 5 from 2,661 votes
Rank #5,626

17 year old Ooizumi Naoto finds himself on set as the “making of” cameraman for a big budget TV production named Cosmopolitan Prayers. He is in heaven these days since his crush, Magami Natsumi, has been chosen for the lead heroine. But as he tries to find ways to advance their relationship, the other girls seem to also have set their sights on him with not-so-coy looks, full-body knockdowns and skirt flipping. Is he in heaven or hell? With all the chaos surrounding him, the biggest problem isn’t the incessant teasing, but whether or not the girls find out his big secret!

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dragonslayer1516 Jan 9, 2015
Score 5/10

to start, this anime is good but lacks a little in some ways. but really gets me is how it ends, i just didnt like b/c to me it seemed like there was more to say but they cut it short for some reason. and i think after 10 years they would have made a seconond season already to continue the story, but sadly they didnt. b/c now i want to know what happens next but i'll never know. read more

roriconfan's avatar
roriconfan Jul 30, 2012
Score 3/10

Despite its initial good premise, this series quickly debunks into a parade of pointless ecchi.

ART - SOUND SECTIONS: 5/10 [Hentai… Almost…]

Clearly a low-budget series, the optical and acoustic experience never goes beyond providing vulgar sexual situations and forced jokes that undermine an adult’s intelligence.
-5 pretty girls with shiny skins (a sign of poor... read more

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