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Custom Lists

Fantasy Landsby ozsia

Getting trapped in MMOs, flushed down toliettes, transported against their will, or maybe they're even locals - this is the list for all those characters very far away from home or living in one that is very different to ours.

Gamers Save the Dayby Dunedane

Gamers or nerds go into a strange world.

MMORPGby kisukemaha

Anime based on MMORPG setting

Top anime to watch dubbed and why.by INFJchan

Anime with notably good dubs that you should watch in English if you can. Not just good dubs that stand up well next to the subs and that not having to read makes the difference, but ones that actually bring something of their own to the show.

Favorite Binge Anime Seriesby Yokaze

A list of anime that ranges from two to five seasons; basically any anime above 13 and below 100 episodes that I can watch all in one sitting.

Challenge 2k17, 100 animeby KawaiiOtaku01

I'll have to finish all these through out 2017. I think I'm able to watch 100 animes, but I'm not sure I'll remember this list... like last time >.> I'm basically just adding a bunch of random anime I either want or does not want to watch, or...

My Favorite Anime of 2013by kimbeey13

List is based solely on my own opinion and anime preferences. This list will only contain shows that I have completed, in order of favorite to least. (List still under construction)

Definitely watch againby Texasluke1

anime that i've seen that are so good I will definitely watch them again.