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Little Women II: Jo's Boys

Alt titles: Wakakusa Monogatari: Nan to Jou Sensei

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3.126 out of 5 from 117 votes
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Ten years have passed since the March sisters lived together in Newcord, and Jo March is now married to Professor Friedrich Bhaer. Together they have founded a school on Plumfield farm where orphaned children can live and learn together. Their peaceful lives take an interesting turn one day when Jo receives a new girl, Nan Harding, who is rumored to be so strong-willed that she drove her previous tutor away within half an hour! Never to give up on any child, Jo encourages Nan's confidence and creativity; along with the other children who each have their personal stories, Nan finds fulfillment as she experiences love, sorrow, friendship and adventure on Plumfield farm.

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Little Women TV 1987 TBD
Name Role
Yoshiharu SATO Character Design
Kozo KUZUHA Director
Nobuaki NAKANISHI Director
Matsumi TANAKA Producer

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childhood anime weirdgirl13 45 Feb 21, 2012
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