Little Witch Academia

Movie (1 ep x 25 min)
4.23 out of 5 from 2,668 votes
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When Akko was a child, she idolized Shiny Chariot, a beautiful witch whose performances lit up the sky with whimsical lights and explosions. Now a teenager, Akko has entered a prestigious magic academy in hopes of following in her idol’s footsteps, but much to her dismay she discovers that magic isn’t all fun and games. There’s also flying brooms, boring lessons and spells-gone-awry to manage, not to mention the fact that her classmates and the school staff think Shiny Chariot is a cheap fraud! So when Akko’s class gets a new and dangerous assignment - to find rare treasures in a monster-filled dungeon - she’s eager to prove that she’s got what it takes to live up to her idol, even when faced with certain death...

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GermanDragon's avatar by GermanDragon on Jul 20, 2013
Score: 7/10

Introduction It's a really big year for animation. We've already had an outing from Pixar, with Monsters University. Today, Kaze Tachinui, a film by the legendary director Hayao Miyazaki, releases in Japan; and later this year, we'll be gifted with another film by Studio Ghibli: an adaption of Tale of the Bamboo Cutter by Isao Takahata. Added to these titles, is the conclusion to the Berserk ... read more

Naga's avatar by Naga on Jun 2, 2013
Score: 5/10

I am surprised that this was made by newbies, or better, I can’t even believe it. But then again, I didn’t expect any less from Studio Trigger that’s practically ex-Gainax, even if they are just newbies. Anyway, they did the hell of a job with this one. From the technical standpoint it’s great. The designs are funky and detailed and the animation in general is very well made. While the... read more

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