Line Offline Salaryman

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Hataraki Man

Hataraki Man

28-year-old Hiroko Matsukata is the definition of a workaholic. On top of smoking too much, rarely having sex and having lousy luck nurturing her romantic life, she works excessively to get the job done. Alongside many co-workers at the weekly news magazine Jidai, Hiroko tirelessly works on countless stories – thus negating any chance of a social life. Can Hiroko balance her home and work life, or is she doomed to be a 'working man' forever?

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chii chii says...

Both shows show what it is like for hardworking individuals in the workplace. Love, laughs, drama, going out with buddies after a long workday! Hataraki Man focuses on one woman and drama more where Line Offline Salaryman focuses on a man and comedy but both share the drama that unfolds when you want to work your hardest (or not so hard) for a company to make ends meat.