Letter Bee Reverse

Alt titles: Tegami Bachi Reverse

TV (25 eps)
4.098 out of 5 from 2,622 votes
Rank #610

Still reeling from his chance encounter with the marauder Noir, Lag Seeing and his dingo, Niche must now attempt to unravel the plots of the mysterious anti-governmental organization Reverse in addition to their regular duties as letter carriers. Though dangerous, this task will undoubtedly lead them closer to finding the truth behind what became of Gauche Suede.

The above is a preliminary synopsis that will be updated once more episodes of the anime have been released.

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furfeyl's avatar by furfeyl on Feb 26, 2011
Score: 5/10

I have never found an anime that I have wanted to like more than this one, I will assume you watched the original show and know all of the characters and the general storyline. The story, ah yes the story, it had so much potential and an interesting idea even though it is very similar to D Gray Man but it is way too childlike, if they had made this a darker anime with a little bit rougher animation it would be... read more

eaper's avatar by eaper on Apr 1, 2011
Score: 7.5/10

I did a review for the first series, and I will say, at the very least, this season is better than the first. They managed to take all the good things the first season had going for them- the art, the setting, the back story, a few of the better characters, and good music and voice actors, and grow on that. They also managed to fix the two parts of the series that made it almost intolerable- Lag's non-stop... read more

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