Lemon Angel Project

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Lemon Angel used to be a popular band in Japan, until a year ago; at that time, all of the members of the band, except for Miki Suwa, mysteriously disappeared. In the present, Tomo Minaguchi is a first year high school student who was friends with Lemon Angel’s song writer, Yui Kono, before she passed away. When music producer Ryuuta Kogure approaches her to audition for a new Lemon Angel group, Tomo agrees in order to fulfill Yui’s wish. The competition is fierce – will Tomo have what it takes to become the newest member of Lemon Angel?


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mariprosa's avatar by mariprosa on Apr 6, 2008
Score: 6/10

Over the past several years, I can say from experience that musically themed anime series have jumped in overall appeal. From mature series like BECK and NANA among the modern rock titles to idol pop series like Chance Pop Session and Lovely Idol, the series explore the makings of a group trying to make it in the limelight while highlighting their day-to-day lives.Lemon Angel Project, for a 13... read more



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