Legend of the Mystical Ninja

Alt title: Ganbare Goemon

TV (23 eps)
2.055 of 5 from 127 votes
Rank #6,203

In the video game world of Goemon, the evil Makuamuuge has concocted a nefarious plan: to take over the human world! To facilitate the takeover he sends the dashing Harakiri Seppukumaru; with Seppukumaru's help, a portal can be created that will allow Makuamuuge to complete his plans. However, hope exists for mankind: the ninja Goemon, who fell into young Tsukasa's life through a computer monitor! Along with the machine-savvy Monoshiri and a giant robot, Goemon will battle Seppukumaru and his evil monsters and save the human world from destruction!

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Viperess Jun 25, 2013
Score 7/10

This is a good starter anime for kids IMO. The villians aren't too scary & the heroes are noble, funny & very likeable for a young viewer. With a giant smiling robot, ninjas & a boy leader, there something for any child to enjoy. A warning should be noted as the lead villian keeps trying to kill himself with every failure however, his loyal minions keep him from the task humorously. As I saw this... read more



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