Legend of Crystania: The Chaos Ring

OVA (3 eps)
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It has been years since the defeat of the evil god Barbas; but when Redon and Pirotess, the heroes that were instrumental in his demise, have dreams about his return, they know that their adventures aren’t over yet. Pirotess is attacked by a minion of Barbas but manages to escape with two items: the Chaos Ring - an artifact that stalls Barbas' return - and a portal to the Chaos World, where she must go to locate Ashram's soul to aid them in defeating Barbas once more. Redon, on the other hand, goes in search of the bell of awakening which is both aiding Barbas' return and unleashing previously-sealed dangerous items upon the world such as tornadoes, basilisks, and even dragons! Can Pirotess and Redon achieve their goals, before the whole of Crystania is destroyed?

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Viperess's avatar by Viperess on Jun 25, 2013
Score 5/10

First, you must watch "Record of the Lodoss War" to understand any of LC:The Chaos Ring. Not doing so will leave you confused & lost when watching this anime. I speak from experience. Having said that, I felt sorta rushed thru Chaos Ring. You didn't get a feel for the characters. None of them were really filled out as you jumped from action scene to action scene. The story was muddled IMO with... read more

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