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When Luda was a young boy, he was taught about the powers of the wind from his father, powers he would someday inherit. The tranquillity of Luda and his sister Ansa's lives was finally shattered when a young woman named Agahali, under the command of Lord Zanark, destroyed their village and killed their father, for he possessed the power of the wind which could destroy their kingdom in the sky. With nothing left to lose, Luda must now act quickly to destroy Zanark and his father's murderer with his newly discovered power of the wind.

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roriconfan Jul 26, 2012
Score 1/10

Being an early Masamune Shirow work, I expected the usual “ sci-fi with gorgeous women and cool guns” package. But all I got was an empty box.

Very mediocre and unimaginative graphics and music themes to the point of stop paying attention half the time. There are of course beautiful females and detail in machinery but they feel nothing, compared with Shirow’s later works. The only thing... read more



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