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Kenji Tomosaka is a young boy who moved from the city to a coastal town at a young age. The ocean fascinated him, and that is where he met a girl named Nanami Konoe. Together, they played together on the beach; but unknowingly, they lived next to each other, their balconies just feet apart. As time moves on, their relationship deepens, and many of their friends call them a couple; but neither Kenji nor Nanami is willing to make a move. Time passes, and summer comes again; but this time, something will happen that will change them both forever...

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PrinceofLovers's avatar by PrinceofLovers on Oct 5, 2009
Score: 10/10

These is one of a kind, even made me cry,great story, it's a pure love story, that for me even Romeo and Juliet would envy.Made ore no kokoro doki doki!!!I recommend it for everyone read more

Sheex's avatar by Sheex on Apr 9, 2008
Score: 6/10

For those familiar with my tastes, it should come as little surprise that I absolutely detest just about any harem series - most especially, though, those adapted from random dating sims.  Most try to shape romance as their central, core thematic, but end up failing miserably when they try to perpetrate a deep, viable relationship between the male lead and all his multiple female... read more

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