Ladies Versus Butlers!


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Ladies vs Butlers... I have a personal philosophy in that I cannot judge an anime before having watched it, but this is one anime where it is exactly as I expected it. Heck it's worse. I'm glad I got drunk for this one. LVB is NOT A SEINEN, but is an ecchi harem anime aimed at adolescent boys and anyone with the mindset of one. Even for that audience, they're better off watching porn or something. At this point, my opinion of harem ecchi is so low and harem ecchi anime are so similar in lacking story, that I'd double this anime's score if it broke the trope and there is a conclusion to the harem. Is this supposed to be funny? Because I didn't laugh, despite being drunk. While this review is from someone who hates this genre, I'm saying things how I see them, trying to keep opinion out of this. But it is hard since I'm inebriated.


While the quality is immaculate, it is as standard for any 2010 anime. The style is not original at all and doesn't do much to stand out besides a shaky cam. As for the rest of it, it is among the most shameless of ecchi, with nudity (no full frontal ofc) to the extent where even the intro animation has nipples visible through normal clothes. As with all nudity, I will allow it, if it is justifiable, but in this case there is no need for the perverted bullshit they pull and the ecchi is there for no good reason other than to attract the attention of perverts. A girl in a wet maid uniform lands on a guy who's just gotten out of the shower and perverted antics ensue. This anime even has loli, though it gets away with not depicting child porn by simply making the excuse the character is 19. Senpai my ass! The number of shower scenes... I'm glad I had my alcohol for this one. Shamefuru dispray! (win a cookie if you get that reference)


The best bit of this anime, but not by far. The occasional orchestral scores help wind things down, but otherwise the music didn't stand out enough to be noticeable, not that it would be difficult. Often there is no background music, which is a good thing if used correctly, but the background music didn't help improve my overall disappointment of the anime. There was the occasional serious scene with decent background music to suit the mood however. Intro and outro music didn't appeal to me, though that might have something to do with my taste in music. The anime is only available in Japanese and it is noticeable how some of the male characters are voiced by female voice actors, not that I can be bothered to complain in this instance. There are worse things.


The main character Hino Akiharu is the typical high-school student harem protagonist, but a bit better in that he isn't necessarily a pervert. Or worse depending on how one would look at that. But these animes would never let a pervert have his ways, so all the better for it not being the case. He looks like a delinquent so most of the girls are offended just by his looks. It's not necessarily his fault for having a scar through his eyebrow. He is orphaned after his father passes away and the only school he can go to is Hakureiryou Academy for the Servant Education Programme because the education is free and he can't afford anything else. He was bullied as a child by Tomomi Saikyou and fears the bitch. He also doesn't get along with Serena Iori Flameheart and nicknames her 'drills' or 'drill-head' for her hair.

Speaking of which Serena Iori Flameheart is the typical hot-headed, big-tits, pretentious, rich girl ojou-sama. And she is tsundere when it comes to Hino, she is obviously interested in him but treats him like shit. She even gets upset when other girls give him attention. Just give the guy a tit-job and be done with it! I'm too 'out of it' to be bothered to complain about this character which is just a mere trope.

The other 'main' character is the childhood bully Tomomi Saikyou. Before she got to high-school her single (TYPICAL FUCKING TROPE) mother married a rich guy and now she is heir to some rich family. Bullshit right? She uses fear to keep poor Hino on a leash, who can only listen to her every command. It's pretty fucking obvious that she is also romantically interested in him. Especially after hearing his sad life story, she wants to help him. Did I mention she's two-faced?

The other characters are a load of bullshit tropes like the clumsy maid who often falls on the main character and lands with her crotch on his face. His suffocation then 'stimulates' her, how fucking gross. It'd be fine if it was legit oral sex or something, but no, dude is suffocating in this slut's vagina. Oh and then there's the racially offensive 'middle-eastern' girl. According to this anime, just by laying eyes on her when she is wearing only underwear, the main character must die or marry her. I'm pretty fucking sure that it isn't the case in real life. If it is, then well done to this anime for realism, but f*** the country which ever came up with that, no racism intended. Human beings shouldn't take the lives of another person, even if they are a criminal (my opinion and two wrongs don't make a right) or in this case an unlucky victim that happened to be in the wrong place in the worng time. And of course I'd assume the fan-service of this character is just as offensive. Oh and did I mention the bullshit 19 year old girl who looks like a mere kid? Guess what? Fan-service nudity here too, so pedophiles are accomodated for in this anime. Just when one thought this anime could not get anymore offensive. Oh, and the principal is just an otaku teenage girl. The teenage girl bit is bullshit (no teenager can be a principal), the otaku bit is naught to complain about.


What plot? The main character enrolls in an academy to become a Butler cos he can't afford to otherwise live and/or be educated. This academy is segregated into high-class students and servant class student. That's pretty much it, all the story happens in the first episode, maybe including the second. The rest of it is a lack of story. And the romance? None. Even when the main character is tied up to be literally raped by a hot chick, nothing actually comes of it and no sex is actually had. The harem is full of tsudere bitches who secretly like the guy. Looks like somethings going to happen, the dude is about to get laid? Nope, he falls asleep before he can bang some chick because he can't handle one chocolate with whiskey in it. Oh and social commentary: they all prejudge and discriminate against the main character just because he looks like a delinquent. Discriminating on the basis of looks? They don't even take the subject matter seriously, unlike other ACTUAL SEINEN anime. Oh and did I mention the sexism? Bar one androgenous male student, all of the high class students are female. And there are a few male servant class students. I know us guys can be douchebags, but women are also capable of being equally bad. Again, it's not like they take it seriously and try to make the viewer think about the subject. It's just a mindless excuse for the literally penniless main character to get into pervy situations with ladies of class.


I tried to keep this unopinionated but I am drunk. Why would I watch such an anime? Because I don't belive we should pre-judge things, especially since I've recently come across a few ecchi that haven't been that bad (or perverted for that matter). But this makes me glad that I'd decided not to add any more ecchi to my 'to watch list' a while back. This anime is obviously for the perverted hormonal teenager (or any guy who hasn't grown up) demographic. So it's not aimed at guys my age then. Fair enough, but even for the target audience, why watch this shit when there's perfectly good porn out there? It boggles my mind how such an anime actually exists. How did this not turn out to be a hentai (which is better than this anime, if only for the reason that it has more purpose and the explicit content are justified for that purpose). I wouldn't recommend this anime to anyone, unless they are drinking a lot and/or feeling horny but can't get porn and get turned on by nude children. And I've just realised that I've written this review before I've managed to get sober.

Family-friendliness Rating: 5/5 Heck even when clothed nipples are still visible. I don't know why they didn't decide to make this into a hentai (lower is better)

Overall rating: 1/10 (higher is better)

1/10 story
3/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
Kuroikarasu's avatar By on Apr 7, 2012

Well let just start at this. If you are a pervert you will understand most of these. Don't deny it, but you would only like this if your a pervert. Well enough of that.. back to the actual review.

The story is just plainly about a delinquent named Hino Akiharu who enters the Hakureiryou Academy to enroll in the Servent-ed program. Unfortunately things go wrong when one accident, which i won't say what since it'll ruin the anime for you, changed his life. Hino Akiharu has to face many unusual problems, in which many of them would define him as a pervert. Just watch and you'll understand.

The art is pretty great but not good enough for a perfect 10. What I enjoyed the most wast the perfect figures of each women...*DROOLS*. It's really difficult for me to judge on every detail put into this anime, so please don't judge.

Hmm, the sound is okay. Everything is done right.

I don't want to go talking about every character in the story, so all I am going to say is you are the ones to judge about the characters.. I personnaly think they were perfectly made with every little aspect to them.

Overall I would say .....Great anime, for perverts.....but also good for those who enjoy these types of genres. Not only Echhi.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.3/10 overall
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I have no shame in watching ecchi, having 34 GG undulating on my screen is nothing unusual and this is no exception. Within the first 2 minutes the main male role has already found the bustiest girl and got his hands on her, still leaving time to hug after. This scene really sets the mood for the rest of the show, with the odd nipple thrown in for perks, pun intended.

Add a childhood friend who is the devil reincarnated as a school girl. A head teacher who is a bigger ecchi fiend then most adolescence teenagers on a hormone binge, a gender bending room mate and a voluptuous school girl who's cloths cant escape from her fast enough make for a memorable experience.

With the story set in a butler/maid and upper class school this is certainly not a rare creature to find. But even with a recycled idea the directors have managed to pull of a fairly good watch, especially for a genre that has heavy weights well above its reach. The major downside I found with this anime was the ending, it was flatter then Taiga Aisaka's chest. The only consolation I got from this was that the typically stupid male role wasn't going to be getting any that night ether.


I have seen worse but with more anime having definition so sharp the lead females can cut glass with there nipples, this was not anything to write home about.


Something that could definitely be improved on. With the voices being a little to similar on some characters and a little to high on others. Only marginally better sounding than a wet fart.


This was certainly a strong side to the show, with Todoroki giving me many a laugh as he risked life and limb to get closer to anything vaguely female or moving. Saikyou showing everybody that you really can't judge a book by it cover, as she schemes for her own entertainment mainly at the expense of "the drill". who was your average tsuendere but with lager than normal credentials. Finally the male lead Akiharu showed all of us that running is more than putting one foot in front of the other. Getting into sticky situations at every corner, but managing to come out alive in the end of them, just. With hand prints on his face that sometimes I felt you will slowly find your self rooting for him.


If your looking for an easy watching anime I would say that Ladies vs Butler is definitely worth a watch.

7/10 story
6/10 animation
4/10 sound
7/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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Boobs. Plenty of 'em in all shapes and sizes. Bouncing and jiggling across the screen and fan-service for just about everything (Not simply limited to maid outfits). The first few minutes set the tone and pace of the show, with the male lead accidentally grabbing a fistful of some big'uns. It's really not meant to be taken seriously, as one should just revel and ride the waves of ecchi.

I'll return to it, as the first aspect of the anime is boobs and the second and third aspects are fanservice and ecchi, respectively. Amongst the fan-service is a bit of a story, where our main protagonist Akiharu has a reason to attend the Maid Hakureiryou Academy, which although gives it a bit of flavor, can only do so much. It's pretty cliche, and the ending is the usual generic fare. But it's funny if you're in the mood and has it's laugh out loud moments (Again, if you're in the mood).

It looks good, I'll give it that much. Shiny and glistening, rosy cheeks and rosy other parts. It's nothing spectacular, but it makes the perversion look good.

Nothing special on sound overall, it does it's job.

Flameheart. At first I didn't believe that was her name, but it is. Pretty cool, and it suits her. Fiery in nature and the typical tsundere. The few of the rest of the cast fits into other genre specifics; the clumsy maid, perverted friend and cross-dressing pettanko. But some others felt a bit different, less of the staples. From the near split-personality of Hedyeh, who would go from having an innocent look to a psychotic one while talking about commiting bodily harm and Tomomi, who is the best bar none. At first she seems innocent, but is truly evil deep down, and outside, as a lot of the times she doesn't hide it from Flameheart. She was refreshing and her evil face always broke mine into laughter.

The main protagonist Akiharu starts off well enough; He doesn't take shit from no one and has the balls to stand up to the ladies. He ain't no pushover, but he has the common trait of getting his hands on the ladies' mammaries. Either that or get in really compromising and no matter how you look at it, suggestive situations and positions. But as usual, he's more sense than a sack of bricks and rocks and even that is commented on (To some comedic extent).

I could go on about a few others but that'll take a while; So I'll say it's jolly good fun and fits a whole buffet of perversions and fetishes. In the end, that's what it comes down to. The story plays second fiddle to the jiggling and bouncing, the fan-service and more fan-service overpower any real depth and because it's primarily an ecchi at heart and on the outside, it should only be expected and shouldn't ever be taken seriously.

So take off that smart hat and put on a dunce cap as you enter the maid academy!

5/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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I don't think an explanation of this anime is really necessary. The tags say it all. This show delivers nudity, comedy etc in spades and is very enjoyable.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7/10 overall