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Ladies vs Butlers... I have a personal philosophy in that I cannot judge an anime before having watched it, but this is one anime where it is exactly as I expected it. Heck it's worse. I'm glad I got drunk for this one. LVB is NOT A SEINEN, but is an ecchi harem anime aimed at adolescent boys and anyone with the mindset of one. Even for that audience, they're better off watching porn or something. At this point, my opinion of harem ecchi is so low and harem ecchi anime are so similar in lacking story, that I'd double this anime's score if it broke the trope and there is a conclusion to the harem. Is this supposed to be funny? Because I didn't laugh, despite being drunk. While this review is from someone who hates this genre, I'm saying things how I see them, trying to keep opinion out of this. But it is hard since I'm inebriated.


While the quality is immaculate, it is as standard for any 2010 anime. The style is not original at all and doesn't do much to stand out besides a shaky cam. As for the rest of it, it is among the most shameless of ecchi, with nudity (no full frontal ofc) to the extent where even the intro animation has nipples visible through normal clothes. As with all nudity, I will allow it, if it is justifiable, but in this case there is no need for the perverted bullshit they pull and the ecchi is there for no good reason other than to attract the attention of perverts. A girl in a wet maid uniform lands on a guy who's just gotten out of the shower and perverted antics ensue. This anime even has loli, though it gets away with not depicting child porn by simply making the excuse the character is 19. Senpai my ass! The number of shower scenes... I'm glad I had my alcohol for this one. Shamefuru dispray! (win a cookie if you get that reference)


The best bit of this anime, but not by far. The occasional orchestral scores help wind things down, but otherwise the music didn't stand out enough to be noticeable, not that it would be difficult. Often there is no background music, which is a good thing if used correctly, but the background music didn't help improve my overall disappointment of the anime. There was the occasional serious scene with decent background music to suit the mood however. Intro and outro music didn't appeal to me, though that might have something to do with my taste in music. The anime is only available in Japanese and it is noticeable how some of the male characters are voiced by female voice actors, not that I can be bothered to complain in this instance. There are worse things.


The main character Hino Akiharu is the typical high-school student harem protagonist, but a bit better in that he isn't necessarily a pervert. Or worse depending on how one would look at that. But these animes would never let a pervert have his ways, so all the better for it not being the case. He looks like a delinquent so most of the girls are offended just by his looks. It's not necessarily his fault for having a scar through his eyebrow. He is orphaned after his father passes away and the only school he can go to is Hakureiryou Academy for the Servant Education Programme because the education is free and he can't afford anything else. He was bullied as a child by Tomomi Saikyou and fears the bitch. He also doesn't get along with Serena Iori Flameheart and nicknames her 'drills' or 'drill-head' for her hair.

Speaking of which Serena Iori Flameheart is the typical hot-headed, big-tits, pretentious, rich girl ojou-sama. And she is tsundere when it comes to Hino, she is obviously interested in him but treats him like shit. She even gets upset when other girls give him attention. Just give the guy a tit-job and be done with it! I'm too 'out of it' to be bothered to complain about this character which is just a mere trope.

The other 'main' character is the childhood bully Tomomi Saikyou. Before she got to high-school her single (TYPICAL FUCKING TROPE) mother married a rich guy and now she is heir to some rich family. Bullshit right? She uses fear to keep poor Hino on a leash, who can only listen to her every command. It's pretty fucking obvious that she is also romantically interested in him. Especially after hearing his sad life story, she wants to help him. Did I mention she's two-faced?

The other characters are a load of bullshit tropes like the clumsy maid who often falls on the main character and lands with her crotch on his face. His suffocation then 'stimulates' her, how fucking gross. It'd be fine if it was legit oral sex or something, but no, dude is suffocating in this slut's vagina. Oh and then there's the racially offensive 'middle-eastern' girl. According to this anime, just by laying eyes on her when she is wearing only underwear, the main character must die or marry her. I'm pretty fucking sure that it isn't the case in real life. If it is, then well done to this anime for realism, but f*** the country which ever came up with that, no racism intended. Human beings shouldn't take the lives of another person, even if they are a criminal (my opinion and two wrongs don't make a right) or in this case an unlucky victim that happened to be in the wrong place in the worng time. And of course I'd assume the fan-service of this character is just as offensive. Oh and did I mention the bullshit 19 year old girl who looks like a mere kid? Guess what? Fan-service nudity here too, so pedophiles are accomodated for in this anime. Just when one thought this anime could not get anymore offensive. Oh, and the principal is just an otaku teenage girl. The teenage girl bit is bullshit (no teenager can be a principal), the otaku bit is naught to complain about.


What plot? The main character enrolls in an academy to become a Butler cos he can't afford to otherwise live and/or be educated. This academy is segregated into high-class students and servant class student. That's pretty much it, all the story happens in the first episode, maybe including the second. The rest of it is a lack of story. And the romance? None. Even when the main character is tied up to be literally raped by a hot chick, nothing actually comes of it and no sex is actually had. The harem is full of tsudere bitches who secretly like the guy. Looks like somethings going to happen, the dude is about to get laid? Nope, he falls asleep before he can bang some chick because he can't handle one chocolate with whiskey in it. Oh and social commentary: they all prejudge and discriminate against the main character just because he looks like a delinquent. Discriminating on the basis of looks? They don't even take the subject matter seriously, unlike other ACTUAL SEINEN anime. Oh and did I mention the sexism? Bar one androgenous male student, all of the high class students are female. And there are a few male servant class students. I know us guys can be douchebags, but women are also capable of being equally bad. Again, it's not like they take it seriously and try to make the viewer think about the subject. It's just a mindless excuse for the literally penniless main character to get into pervy situations with ladies of class.


I tried to keep this unopinionated but I am drunk. Why would I watch such an anime? Because I don't belive we should pre-judge things, especially since I've recently come across a few ecchi that haven't been that bad (or perverted for that matter). But this makes me glad that I'd decided not to add any more ecchi to my 'to watch list' a while back. This anime is obviously for the perverted hormonal teenager (or any guy who hasn't grown up) demographic. So it's not aimed at guys my age then. Fair enough, but even for the target audience, why watch this shit when there's perfectly good porn out there? It boggles my mind how such an anime actually exists. How did this not turn out to be a hentai (which is better than this anime, if only for the reason that it has more purpose and the explicit content are justified for that purpose). I wouldn't recommend this anime to anyone, unless they are drinking a lot and/or feeling horny but can't get porn and get turned on by nude children. And I've just realised that I've written this review before I've managed to get sober.

Family-friendliness Rating: 5/5 Heck even when clothed nipples are still visible. I don't know why they didn't decide to make this into a hentai (lower is better)

Overall rating: 1/10 (higher is better)

1/10 story
3/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
Komirai's avatar By on Oct 3, 2012

Many criticize the harem genre of anime for its overly formulaic approach and execution. And Ladies vs. Butlers will probably not change the opinions of these critics, since practically every convention common in harem anime is crammed into this show.

The premise behind Ladies vs. Butlers is simple yet predictable. The main character, Hino Akiharu, attends a school for upper-class ladies that is also dedicated to instructing maids and butlers how to function in high-class society. The story basically details Hino interacting with the various girls at the school and the various ecchi situations he gets himself into. The majority of this series is episodic and, in all honesty, serves nothing more than to introduce the female characters and to show ecchi scenes.

Ladies vs. Butlers includes almost every female archetype found in the harem genre: a tsundere, a childhood friend, a (reverse) trap, lolis, clumsy girls, foreign girls, etc. The harem lead, Akiharu, is also a fairly generic character. While he doesn’t fit the “total loser” persona as many other harem leads do, there is nothing really noteworthy about him. Also, there is hardly any significant character development, but that is to be expected of an anime of this type.

The art is decent and very reminiscent of one of XEBEC’s earlier productions, Kanokon. And while some of the character designs may be slightly off-putting (for example, there is a 19-year-old girl who looks like an elementary school student), this will not detract from overall enjoyment of the anime.

The opening and ending songs are appropriate for this kind of anime but nothing all that memorable, and the voice-acting suited each character’s personality well. The background music is virtually nonexistent, though you will probably be too fixated on all the bouncing breasts, panty shots, and nudity present in this anime to even notice.

While Ladies vs. Butlers does not fail in one particular aspect, its main issue is that it does nothing to stand out from the countless other harem anime out there. It doesn’t deviate from the harem formula at all, and as a result, this anime most likely will not appeal to anyone looking for anything more than fanservice and comedy. However, if you are a diehard harem or ecchi fan, you should give Ladies vs. Butlers a try.

Overall, this was a decent ecchi/harem anime, albeit nothing exceptional or ground-breaking.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
6/10 overall
roriconfan's avatar By on Jul 26, 2012

Animated by Xebec, a studio that never made a worthy show in its whole existence. Directed by Ootsuki Atsushi, the same guy who did over the top erotic comedies such as Kanokon and Motto to Love-Ru. Yeah, you know right away in what you are getting yourself into.

Ladies versus Butlers is amongst the most honest anime in existence. At no point is it pretending to be anything other than brain-dead ecchi comedy. It doesn’t try to tell a story, it doesn’t try to have characters you should like, it doesn’t even try to be anything other than the tired, repetitive softporn humour the Japs are so good at and that is what makes it so much more enjoyable. So as long as all you want is endless retarded borderline hentai without irrelevant elements such as a plot or character emersion getting in the way, then this is the show for you.

I wish I could write ten pages of analysis around this show but the thing is, that way I would be pretending the show has something worth writing about and I would be lying. It is just aimless excessive fan service and thus I am objectively giving characters and story an ace, since the show is honestly telling us it doesn’t need such useless extra.

I have read many comments about the ending being terrible and how most were disappointed with the show because of that. Guys, seriously, you missed the point entirely; it was the perfect ending for such a show. If you subconsciously expected context, where there was none, the joke is on you. Its target audience doesn’t care at all about that, so why would the anime waste precious airtime on anything other than borderline hentai comedy to begin with? It is an endless parade of overused brain-dead erotic clichés, one after another, all accompanied with the much essential blank lead character who loves his virginity more than he loves to grope girls. Something that he is cursed to be doing every 30 seconds because they all constantly trip or are in need to be silenced by groping. That of course hints that the show attempts to have its own in-laws and subconscious messages over how you are supposed to react if you grope girls and I guess it is a minor negative aspect of the show; it should not even hint it has context. That is what prevented me from giving enjoyment the maximum score.

The production values are fine for such a show. The girls lack noses and some hairstyles may look like huge drills but that is the perfect way to separate one character from another. I mean, since they completely lack personality (and noses), the animators did the right thing to centre on boob sizes, hair colours and loli looks to help us tell apart who is who. What is so bad about that? Plus, they all have retarded squeaky voices, since this way it sounds funnier and it hints they are all underaged lolis. That makes the erotic humour a lot kinkier and funnier and one should not expect anything other than that.

I highly enjoyed the honesty of this anime and I gladly recommend it to all those of you who are displeased with context, character emersion, plots, and generally who don’t like thinking what the hell is going on with the anime while you are touching yourselves. It is really annoying when they try to distract you from your enjoyment like that.

Oh, and of course I forgot anything that happened in this show 10 seconds after I completed it. It may be the perfect method for endless replay value or just total lack of attachment with the show. Your call.

No scoring breakdown for this show. This would hint there is context.

1/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
1/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
Kuroikarasu's avatar By on Apr 7, 2012

Well let just start at this. If you are a pervert you will understand most of these. Don't deny it, but you would only like this if your a pervert. Well enough of that.. back to the actual review.

The story is just plainly about a delinquent named Hino Akiharu who enters the Hakureiryou Academy to enroll in the Servent-ed program. Unfortunately things go wrong when one accident, which i won't say what since it'll ruin the anime for you, changed his life. Hino Akiharu has to face many unusual problems, in which many of them would define him as a pervert. Just watch and you'll understand.

The art is pretty great but not good enough for a perfect 10. What I enjoyed the most wast the perfect figures of each women...*DROOLS*. It's really difficult for me to judge on every detail put into this anime, so please don't judge.

Hmm, the sound is okay. Everything is done right.

I don't want to go talking about every character in the story, so all I am going to say is you are the ones to judge about the characters.. I personnaly think they were perfectly made with every little aspect to them.

Overall I would say .....Great anime, for perverts.....but also good for those who enjoy these types of genres. Not only Echhi.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.3/10 overall
CoolHandMike's avatar By on Oct 24, 2011

I don't think an explanation of this anime is really necessary. The tags say it all. This show delivers nudity, comedy etc in spades and is very enjoyable.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7/10 overall