Ladies Versus Butlers!

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The timid, virginal Kouta is a new student at Kunpo High School; and while others in his situation might be a wallflower forever, Kouta has no such luck – he has attracted the attention of the busty Chizuru, who happens to be a fox deity! However, Kouta’s misfortunes don’t stop there; he’s also pursued by Nozomu, a wolf deity. Between being molested, propositioned, having his face shoved between mammoth breasts or witnessing endless panty shots, Kouta must also attempt to maintain his studies – even though all Chizuru and Nozomu want is to be the one to deflower him first!

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Reasons you might like Kanokon...

Otakufreak Otakufreak says...

Two of the best ecchi anime to date. Both have a Variety of love interests to keep you loving every minute of it. loli, Moe, big and small, you name it and both of them have a good amount of it. Both are geared towards male interests but try to even it out with female interests. I would strongly recommend against seeing either anime if you are not mature enough to handle it.

wolfangel87 wolfangel87 says...

One guy surrounded by a series of ecchiness is what the two boys from Kanokon and Ladies versus Butlers are able to experience.  The animation and story line seems to be more developed in LVB but overall the two series are pretty similar. 

Tapirs Tapirs says...

These 2 animes are like almost exactly the same, only the play scenery is different, while Ladies Versus Butlers! more has the rich academy scene, Kanokon has more the Beautiful Slice of Life scene, with beautiful scenery shots.

Korwin Korwin says...

Ecchi someone? If it's pure ecchi shows Ladies Versus Butlers and Kanokon are your choice, the amount of ecchi deserves them the title of borderline hentai shows with a lot of "eye opening" situations which definitely aren't meant for the non-mature audience.

To Love-Ru

To Love-Ru

Rito Yuki is a bumbling boy who wants nothing more than to confess his love to the lovely Haruna, but a variety of obstacles always seems to stand in his way. One day, while relaxing in his bathtub Rito found his hands full - literally - with the breasts of a strange alien girl named Lala who suddenly appeared in his lap! She is the princess of Planet Deviluke, and she has run away from home to escape the prospect of an arranged marriage; and unfortunately for Rito, his accidental groping is the traditional engagement ritual of his otherworldly guest! Deviluke's emperor will destroy Earth if Rito backs down from his "proposal," but all he really wants to do is be with Saruyama! Naked antics, magical powers, misunderstandings, Lala's marriage-happy family and Rito's own shyness are many of the barriers he must face in his attempt to win the real love of his life – that is, if Lala doesn't win him over first!

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Reasons you might like To Love-Ru...

daekiljen daekiljen says...

More appropriately, this should be a recommendation for "If you like Xebec, you'll like this other Xebec production."  While not having all themes in common, there is at least two threads...nay...steel cables, bonding these two animes together.

1) Perversion

2) Comedy

It stands to reason, then, that if you are a fan of both, like me, you'll thoroughly enjoy these two shows!  Be sure to check out the To Love-Ru OVAs as well.  One can only hope they bring LvB OVAs someday.  I love you, Fureimohato-san.

Wealthystick Wealthystick says...

Both Ladies Versus Butlers and To Love-Ru revolve around a centralized male character, thrust into a new and radically different environment in which he must adapt to the new customs and deal with the female character's affections. The level of perversion (although I think the term Ecchi is preferred) is comprable across the two animes and the comedy runs along much the same lines. All in all, if you enjoy watching a male character, surrounded by breasts, struggle about, these are the animes for you.

wolfangel87 wolfangel87 says...

Ladies Versus Butlers! And To Love-Ru are comedies filled with ecchi characters.  The male leads have to adapt into a new environment to try and while winning a variety of characters affections along the way.

Princess Lover!

Princess Lover!

One day, after a visit to his parents' grave, Teppei Arima spies a damsel in distress, and nobly saves her from a gang of thugs. Relieved and grateful, she introduces herself as Princess Charlotte Hazelrink. Thinking nothing more of this, Teppei soon receives a surprise call from his grandfather, informing him that he is the heir to the Arima business empire and therefore one of the richest men on the planet! Teppei is introduced to his personal maid, Yuu, and various blue-bloods, among them his arranged fiancee, Sylvia - a fencer with a tongue as sharp as her blade. At school the next day, Teppei meets more new faces, including the snooty Seika Houjouin, and - much to his surprise - Princess Charlotte Hazelrink. Still awkward and uncouth, Teppei must somehow adjust to high society. With girls pursuing him at every turn, however, that may be the least of his concerns...

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Reasons you might like Princess Lover!...

ProjectBlackRai ProjectBlackRai says...

If you liked one, you'll like the other. Both of these animes involve a mixing of the classes (the rich with the "commoners"). In Ladies Versus Butlers!, the main male character is the one in servitude and seems to have attracted the attention on a very uptight female character through a series of mishaps. In Princess Lover!, the main male character, who was brought up as a commoner, is suddenlt thrown into the life of the rich, which has his own share of troubles, and is always accompanied by his personal maid. In both these series, there is direct contact with members of completely opposite social classes. Both these series are worth watching.

Thrawn Thrawn says...

One poor man enters the world of beauties, buxom and otherwise, overflowing in wealth if not boobage. Neither of these shy away from perversion and even revel in it at times, drowning themselves in it. Harems with the near obligatory nice guy getting into the obligatory accidental pervert scenes, it showcases the reasons why you watch the genre. There's some plot to be found in either one but you're here for the ecchi, and both deliver on that front twice over so fans of one, watch the other for some more boobage.

vinod vinod says...




They Are My Noble Masters

They Are My Noble Masters

Ren and Mihato Uesugi have moved to Chiharu in order to find work and a place to live, but it has proven difficult to find employment. Through a series of events the duo finds itself in the prestigious Kuonji house - and subsequently accepts live-in maid positions! Famous Shinra, inventive Miyu and youngest Yume are tough customers to wait on, but with the help of the ex-militant head-butler Colonel, head maid Benisu and other wait staff, Ren and Mihato might just learn what it takes to be the best maid or butler you can be. Their jobs are not easy, though, with everything from inappropriate sibling love to household games to handle!

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Reasons you might like They Are My Noble Masters...

Rawrcore Rawrcore says...

A butler  protagonist, maids, BOOBS, a harem transcending both social class and order, panty shots, comedy, simple plot,  nudity; need i say more.

I guarantee both animes will appeal to us, perverted folk. Kimi (They are my noble masters) is way more developed plot-wise, and contains several parodies of famous action shounens. Also, the settings differ - Kimi follows the traditional servant type situation, which involves a mansion ofc, while LvB mainly focues on a special Private Academy that teaches the high class proper etiquette, while teaching the lower class students to be proper maids and butlers- although, both do involve the main protagonists learning what it takes to become butlers.

All in all, if you like one, you'll like the other. Two peas in a pod.

RedCrossRobbery RedCrossRobbery says...

Looking for ecchi comedies involving butlers and other servants? Then these two will probably help out.

zetazach zetazach says...

Both animes revolve around a male protagonist butler serving their female masters. In Ladies Versus Butlers!, the protagonist is at a high class school for rich girls and servants, while in They Are My Noble Masters, the protagonist and his sister land a job as servants for three rich sisters after running away from home.



While Nayu Hayama may be a middle school student, she has the fashion sense of an adult – at least, when it comes to lingerie. Unlike her other classmates, Nayu is an underwear fanatic and is highly knowledgeable about a girl’s changing body, the right fit for a bra and a variety of materials like lace and beads. Alongside her new friends the busty Haruka and flat-chested Yako, Nayu will spread her love of panties and even help form a club dedicated to researching ladies’ delicates!

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Reasons you might like Chu-Bra!!...

Omurqi Omurqi says...

While these two might not have all their little plot devices in common, they are obviously aimed at the same audience. If you enjoy your ecchi without a hint of sublity, if you enjoy seeing a range between bare-flat chests and monstrous mammaries, basically, if you want your hentai without actual sex, these are the shows for you.

wolfangel87 wolfangel87 says...

If you can't get enough of boobs Chu-Bra!! and Ladies Versus Butlers! are two series that correlate perfectly for any size of chest you choose to prefer.