La Maison en Petits Cubes

Alt title: Tsumiki no Ie


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anime watchable with a migraineby Stela

slow and soothing escapist anime. no explosions, no screaming, no bright or flashing lights, no crazy movement, no high-pitched voices, no straining your eyes reading subtitles, no convoluted plot.

Ratings for Anime Watched in 2017by Bucknerd

Join me on my journey to watch and rate 50 anime I finished watching in 2017.

MOVIE TIME!by sm3xyang3l

If you haven't watched these, GO WATCH THEM NOW!

Mini-Reviews on All Anime I've Watchedby PaladinAlchemist

My thoughts on all of the anime I've watched. Seen other people do it and wanted to share my own two cents. In case you wondered: 1. Top Recommendation, 2. Highly Recommended, 3. Recommended, 4. Moderately Recommended, 5. Kinda Recommended, & 6...

Animation Kobe Winnersby minusha97

The Animation Kobe (アニメーション神戸) is an event established by Kobe city in 1996 to promote anime and other visual media. The Animation Kobe Awards are given annually by Kobe and the Organising Committee to creators and creations...