La Corda D'Oro ~primo passo~

Alt title: Kin'iro no Chord: Primo Passo

TV (25 eps)
3.848 of 5 from 6,717 votes
Rank #1,338

Hino Kahoko is a sophomore at a high school which caters to both general students, and the musically elite. On the first day of class, Hino meets a fairy named Lili and is entrusted with a magical violin; this violin has the ability to express the music in someone’s heart, even if they do not possess the talent for playing the instrument. With the violin in her care, Hino must now compete in a musical competition, but the guilt of not having true musical talent consumes her. Lili’s dream is to bring happiness to people with music, but Hino isn’t sure she has what it takes to be the one to do it. Can Hino perservere, or will she abandon Lili’s dream?

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babyeinstein12's avatar
babyeinstein12 Jul 23, 2009
Score 5/10

So how often do we hear "shoujo" and "classical music" uttered in the same sentence? Both entities dwell in vastly different realms of substance, media, and mind, and after watching La Corda d’Oro, I am convinced that it should stay that way. For the average shoujo-loving viewer, this series will be nothing more than a delicious catalogue of hot guys (who, as a side... read more

ZetsumiChan's avatar
ZetsumiChan Jul 12, 2011
Score 3/10

La Cordo D'Oro ~primo passo~ In my opinion as an otaku; it was decent considering the pint-sized budgets most anime have. Its animation and sound choice were withstandable me being one for very high quality animation and catchy tunes. As an anime, its an overall ok. On the other hand, as my opinion as a musician; It was horrible. I'll just be gracious and save my amuture musician rant for the end if any... read more

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