Tyman2007's avatar By on Dec 9, 2011

Story; 0.5/10

My first impressions of the show was simple. It was as if there was this massive orgy that involves all the nasty things and a ludicrous amount of gene splicing between Heartcatch Precure, Tatami Galaxy, FLCL, Summer Wars, and bakemonogatari. Well.... Maybe not simple. In fact, there's no simplicity in that at all! But the show seems to appeal in the correct way... At least the trailer did.

I am going to say this right now, however. Whoever thought of the plot for Kyousougiga was on acid. There is absolutely no doubt about it. Honestly, Watching the trailer told me more about the show than actually watching the show. I feel like I'd have to be the mastermind behind the show in order to actually understand it.

Animation; 6/10

What the hell? What is this show? It's a gigantic cluster of almost every color known to man. For some reason the main character (I think) is fighting with.. a clear biscuit hammer? The colors are put everywhere. They are not shy 1 bit about any use of coloration. They might as well have just said "Hey, I'm feeling rainbow tonight. I'll just throw in a bunch of rainbow balls in the middle of the street. No one will notice."

The strong point about this show, which I believe MADE the show, was the fights. The fights were amazing, I didn't what what was going on! First you go left, then you take a right, then you SWING YOUR HAMMER, then back and forth until you're at the 4th dimension. Honestly, even during the fights, the acid this guy was on was so strong now I feel like I'M on acid.

Sound; 6/10

BOOM, CRUSH. Honestly, the sounds made the show feel alive much more alive. Alive to the point to where they are super-animating a living body. They were put at the right moment to compliment the animation.... Do you know what I think? This style of animation shouldn't be complimented if there's no quality story to back it up... But I liked the music.

Characters; 1/10

Let me tell you about the character development. I don't know who any of the characters are at this point. There was no lasting impression and nothing that explained anything on ANYTHING. What were they thinking?! Were they trying to make people relate the characters on their own? That's fine to a certain extent, but this is like blue whale in a puddle of water.

Overall; 4/10

Just.... I don't know what else to say...

BAM! POW! The fights were neat, and I felt like I was on acid the whole time. It prmoised something new and exciting, and it just came out with... What, an extended trailer? I question if this is the actual show. SLOW IT DOWN! It's like frame skipping 50000 frames a second.

All I can say is, if you want to feel like you're on acid for the next 25 minutes, go ahead and watch this show.

0.5/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
1/10 characters
4/10 overall
Naga's avatar By on Jun 4, 2013

I’ve seen quite a number of mad anime, but not that many who are mad as this one. Kyousogiga, as many of his peers (such as FLCL, Dead Leaves), managed to achieve an absolute brilliance in entertainment.

It has everything this kind of anime should have: fast pacing, bizarre looking world and very erratic storytelling. The story itself is quite rich for the amount of time that the show had, minding that most of it was scattered pretty much everywhere, and there wasn’t a clear patter that could combine it into something we could consider a ‘bigger picture’. Rather than doing that, Kyousogiga decided to info dumb in every single corner, no matter how useless or incoherent the information was. I’m not even sure what should I think of the world building. In on hand, the world is very interesting, unique and pretty, and I’d just love too see more of it, but on the other hand, it’s still incoherent because of a lack of a true begging or finale to this story. The world just leaves us puzzled and leaves us to question its abstract origin, but sadly the context doesn’t provide us with anything remotely plausible from what we could infer from, so even if we tired to come up with something logical, we’d still bump into a wall from all the misplacement of information.

The characters are on the same level of madness the story is on. They are all shallow and without enough context or personality traits, but at the same time they all managed to look as lively as possible, which in the end complemented a lot to the whole feeling of this show. The show just feels incoherent and random, and at the same time it feels like there’s just a one big mystery shrouding everything. Even so, without any clear ending it’s only logical to assume that they don’t even plan to explore this world any further. With that said, I’ve seen the 2012 version and I can vouch that the world building and the purpose of this whole fiasco were not even touched… that much, at least. There was still a word about some rabbits, but the show doesn’t make much of an impact for us to want to explore it more, and doesn’t look like it’s trying to tell us something important through this whole madness. To me it just looks like it’s made for us to have fun, and I appreciate it in a way, but at the same time I wouldn’t mind if it tried to present itself as an analogy for something like Alice in Wonderland did.

The last thing I want to say is that the animation looked and felt wonderful. The designs were funky and lively, and the flow of the animation was very pretty to look at. The music was pretty solid as well, so there’s just nothing wrong with technical department.

If you’re looking for something abstract and fun… there’s a lot of other anime who do it better… but this is still one of those shorts that are by no means a waste of your time, even if it’s just because of the immense amount of fun it provides.

Best girl: Koto

3.5/10 story
8.5/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
4.5/10 overall