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Koto, A and Un traverse a colorful, bizarre and alternate Kyoto, causing plenty of collateral damage along the way. They’re looking for a special rabbit that can possibly help them get home, but plenty of challenges stand in their way including a robot, the meddling Council of Three, and endless exploration yet to be done!

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Tyman2007's avatar by Tyman2007 on Dec 9, 2011
Score: 4/10

Story; 0.5/10 My first impressions of the show was simple. It was as if there was this massive orgy that involves all the nasty things and a ludicrous amount of gene splicing between Heartcatch Precure, Tatami Galaxy, FLCL, Summer Wars, and bakemonogatari. Well.... Maybe not simple. In fact, there's no simplicity in that at all! But the show seems to appeal in the correct way... At least the trailer... read more

Naga's avatar by Naga on Jun 4, 2013
Score: 4.5/10

I’ve seen quite a number of mad anime, but not that many who are mad as this one. Kyousogiga, as many of his peers (such as FLCL, Dead Leaves), managed to achieve an absolute brilliance in entertainment. It has everything this kind of anime should have: fast pacing, bizarre looking world and very erratic storytelling. The story itself is quite rich for the amount of time that the show had, minding that... read more

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