Kyou no Go no Ni TV

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Ryouta is a typical elementary school boy in class 5-2. He likes hanging out with his friends, he plays guitar on his broom instead of cleaning the classroom and he’s more interested in whose Superball bounces the highest than seeing a girl’s panties or sneaking a peek at a dirty magazine. However Ryouta also has the unfortunate luck of often being caught in the most seemingly-perverted situations at the worst possible times. Still, amidst becoming the guru of the turn-on of a collarbone, Ryouta continues to live a normal day-to-day life; that is, as normal a life as a tormented pseudo-perverted schoolboy can!

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Gakorak's avatar by Gakorak on Dec 3, 2009
Score: 10/10

I am going to be COMPLETELY straight forward.This anime is exactly what I stay away from.  These kids are far to young, there is no plot, and everything is completely random.Having said that, this is the greatest show I've ever come across.Never, and I mean NEVER did I expect to love this show so much that I re-watched it over and over.  It has incredible re-watchability.  Jokes are done in... read more

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