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KY Kei JC Kuukichan

KY Kei JC Kuukichan main image
1.439 out of 5 from 24 votes
Rank #5,554


Betao Joseki has just transferred to a new middle school, and is eager to finally become popular and have friends. But little did he know just how bizarre his new friends would be! Bubbly Kuuki is eccentric and always manages to interrupt important conversations, and excessively-shy Osage has a hard time getting a full sentence out! Together, the trio navigates the classroom from day to day, dealing with class rep discussions, debating the merits of cooking in the middle of the library, and even participating in a performance of Romeo and Juliet!

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Name Role
Ikuo GESO Character Design
Ikuo GESO Director

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The Worst Anime Ever DSignas 106 Jul 9, 2011

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