Kuuchuu Buranko

Alt titles: Trapeze, Welcome to Irabu's Office

TV (11 eps)
3.994 of 5 from 1,655 votes
Rank #979

Meet the bizarre and twisted psychiatric doctor Ichirou Irabu. Occasionally taking the form of a lime green bear, a young man or even a small child, this freaky physician and his seductively sadistic nurse Mayumi deal with all manner of patients. Though in order to satiate his rampant injection fetish, everyone receives the same treatment: a large vaccination, whether they need it or not! From a trapeze artist suffering from insomnia, to an office worker tormented by a permanent erection, to a romance novelist with OCD and stress-induced vomiting, no one is safe from Dr. Ichirou's unique and psychedelic medical practice.

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cassiesheepgirl's avatar
cassiesheepgirl Apr 26, 2010
Score 7.5/10

I admit that when I first sat down to episode one of Kuuchuu Buranko I hated it. I spent the entire twenty-four minutes with a look of utter bemusement upon my face that had previously been reserved for Big Brother launch nights. However, instead of watching the dregs of society grin and swagger their way through a sea of cheering freaks and booing... read more

dalmain's avatar
dalmain Aug 4, 2013
Score 8/10

This title first off will probably not be for everyone. The art style may turn off some people, it's a mixture of animation and live action. Being episodic there is little continuity and lack of character development. It's about mental disorders which some people will probably not get. The first episode was one of my least favorites so it didn't leave me with a great initial impression. But the second episode... read more



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