Kuuchuu Buranko

Alt titles: Trapeze, Welcome to Irabu's Office


Custom Lists

Top 20 Recommended Animeby TsukuyomiTelos

The criteria for this list is how unique and revolutionary said anime are and how much I recommend them. Keep in mind that the order of this list isn't based on how much I like them.

Good Comedy Anime (that actually made me laugh)by asterris

You know that one kind of gag, seen in practically any anime, that one line of joke that's been a tradition and a fundamental part of many anime for years and will continue to be?Ecchi/Fanservice type gags, 'oooh MC tripped and ended up on top of a...

Good Animeā„¢ Starter Pack ala Hindby utena

(LIST UNDER CONSTRUCTION) alternatively: how to not be a pleb, elitist starter pack, WATCH MUGEN NO RYVIUS For those who want to branch out from the usual trash. Not condescending at all! One or two popular titles thrown in, so it's kinda pleb...

Favourite Animeby CaptainTiga

A list of the best anime i have seen so far

Unusual & Uniqueby Arayjay

Anime that either has a unique and/or unusual animation style

ANIME MILESTONESby frankstleBilly

Every anime that I consider to be a milestone; 100th, 150th, 200th, 250th, etc.