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They were known as the 'Generation of Miracles' – five basketball prodigies who helped lead Teiko Middle School's basketball team to glory, defeating anyone who got in their way. But a mysterious rumor tells of a sixth, a phantom player who the five prodigies respected greatly. That boy is Tetsuya Kuroko, a freshman at Seirin High and the newest member of the basketball club. Alongside strong teammates such as Taiga Kagami, Kuroko will use his unique skills on the court to help the team defeat old rivals and make their way to the championships.

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  • I Am Kuroko image

    Episode 1

    I Am Kuroko

  • I'm Serious image

    Episode 2

    I'm Serious

  • It's Better If I Can't Win image

    Episode 3

    It's Better If I Can't Win

  • Take Care of the Counter Attack! image

    Episode 4

    Take Care of the Counter Attack!

  • Your Basketball image

    Episode 5

    Your Basketball

  • Let Me Tell You Two Things image

    Episode 6

    Let Me Tell You Two Things

  • You'll See Something Amazing image

    Episode 7

    You'll See Something Amazing

  • Now That I Think About It image

    Episode 8

    Now That I Think About It

  • To Win image

    Episode 9

    To Win

  • I Can't Have That image

    Episode 10

    I Can't Have That

  • That's Not It image

    Episode 11

    That's Not It

  • What Is

    Episode 12

    What Is "Victory"

  • I Believed In You image

    Episode 13

    I Believed In You

  • You Look Just Like Him image

    Episode 14

    You Look Just Like Him

  • Don't Make Me Laugh image

    Episode 15

    Don't Make Me Laugh

  • Let's Go image

    Episode 16

    Let's Go

  • You're All Ridiculous image

    Episode 17

    You're All Ridiculous

  • No!! image

    Episode 18


  • On to a New Challenge image

    Episode 19

    On to a New Challenge

  • I Don't Want To Be image

    Episode 20

    I Don't Want To Be

  • Let's Get Started image

    Episode 21

    Let's Get Started

  • I'll Win Even if it Kills Me image

    Episode 22

    I'll Win Even if it Kills Me

  • Tip off image

    Episode 22.5

    Tip off

  • I'm Not Mature! image

    Episode 23

    I'm Not Mature!

  • Don't Get the Wrong Idea image

    Episode 24

    Don't Get the Wrong Idea

  • Our Basketball image

    Episode 25

    Our Basketball

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Inszy's avatar by Inszy on Jun 20, 2015
Score 6/10

Do you love basketball? You want to watch great anime about your favorite sport?! Well... then go for Slam Dunk (or eventually Dear Boys). Kuroko's Basketball isn't about basketball. They have the same ball, they play on basketball court and that's it. There's no tactics, no one know anything about this sport, basketball rules exist only in part etc.
Generally it's like Dragon Ball in school gym. Everyone... read more

noah1212's avatar by noah1212 on Jun 11, 2012
Score 9/10

Kuroko's Basketball focuses on a school that only formed one year prior to when the story takes place. While the team didn't do well, they regarded their first year a personal victory as they weren't expected to do much at all.  The story follows this team as they recruit an American basketball prodigy with loads of potential, and Kurok the "sixth man" of the "miracle of generations"... read more

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