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Kuroko's Basketball: Tip Off

Kuroko's Basketball: Tip Off main image more screenshots
4.329 out of 5 from 923 votes
Rank #213


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Main Characters

Ryouta KISE image Ryouta KISE heart unheart
Tetsuya KUROKO image Tetsuya KUROKO heart unheart

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Secondary Characters

Daiki AOMINE image Daiki AOMINE heart unheart
Shintarou MIDORIMA image Shintarou MIDORIMA heart unheart

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Minor Characters

Atsushi MURASAKIBARA image Atsushi MURASAKIBARA heart unheart
Narrator image Narrator heart unheart
Satsuki MOMOI image Satsuki MOMOI heart unheart
Seijuurou AKASHI image Seijuurou AKASHI heart unheart