Kurogane no Linebarrels

Alt title: Linebarrels of Iron

TV (24 eps)
3.078 of 5 from 3,600 votes
Rank #3,228

AD 2019: the giant mecha known as LINEBARREL falls to Earth, grabbing the attention of the anti-machina organization JUDA. Before JUDA can arrive on the scene, an unfortunate accident occurs: LINEBARREL crashes into Kouichi Hayase, a weak and frail pushover of a boy. Waking up underneath a beautiful naked woman, Kouichi discovers that he now possesses great power and can summon LINEBARREL for his own purposes. All Kouichi has wanted is to become a hero of justice and hold his own, instead his childhood friends Yajima and Risako fighting his battles for him – and now he finally has that chance. With LINEBARREL's power, Kouichi becomes cocky and aggressive, lashing out at those he cares about most; and as a 'hero of justice', Kouichi must find his new place in the world and protect himself from two organizations who want their hands on LINEBARREL.

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  • Boy and Iron image

    Episode 1

    Boy and Iron

  • Runaway Justice image

    Episode 2

    Runaway Justice

  • Blue Terror image

    Episode 3

    Blue Terror

  • The Price of Justice image

    Episode 4

    The Price of Justice

  • Guidepost to Tomorrow image

    Episode 5

    Guidepost to Tomorrow

  • A Joyful Night image

    Episode 6

    A Joyful Night

  • A Disaster after School image

    Episode 7

    A Disaster after School

  • Prankish Devils image

    Episode 8

    Prankish Devils

  • The Black Chamber image

    Episode 9

    The Black Chamber

  • Overdrive image

    Episode 10


  • Supernova image

    Episode 11


  • From the Tropics with Love image

    Episode 12

    From the Tropics with Love

  • The Dark Executioner image

    Episode 13

    The Dark Executioner

  • Blood Spilt, Tears Lost image

    Episode 14

    Blood Spilt, Tears Lost

  • Vector image

    Episode 15


  • Judgment at Dusk image

    Episode 16

    Judgment at Dusk

  • The Mechanical Curse image

    Episode 17

    The Mechanical Curse

  • Memento Mori image

    Episode 18

    Memento Mori

  • Exposed Shadows image

    Episode 19

    Exposed Shadows

  • The Man of Destiny image

    Episode 20

    The Man of Destiny

  • Wings of Madness image

    Episode 21

    Wings of Madness

  • Receiving the Demon image

    Episode 22

    Receiving the Demon

  • The Way of Life Decided by Death image

    Episode 23

    The Way of Life Decided by Death

  • The Blossom of Linebarrel image

    Episode 24

    The Blossom of Linebarrel

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Szwagier's avatar by Szwagier on Oct 28, 2009
Score 4/10

Many people have strong prejudice against mecha genre. It is supposedly shallow, cliche, boring and pointless. And despite how much it pains to me say it (since I actually like mecha genre)  - Kurogane no Linebarrel is the prime example of how pathetic mecha anime can get. Story - 4/10 Have you ever wondered how it would feel to get hit in the face with random, falling, giant robot? Well the main... read more

Demelza's avatar by Demelza on Nov 12, 2012
Score 5/10

Linebarrels of Iron is certainly a strange series to be reviewing. It’s an old fashioned looking show, mixed with a main character that wouldn’t be wrongly placed working alongside Lelouch Lamperiouge in Code Geass. That said the art style and the personality of the protagonist are the first thing a viewer will notice about this series, and that can either be a very good thing, or a bad thing. Our... read more

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