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To make money, high school student Shinkurou Kurenai works for the secretive Benika as a "dispute mediator," acting to intervene in the disputes of clients – often violently. One day, Benika gives him a much different assignment: to protect Murasaki Kuhoin, a seven-year-old girl from the wealthy Kuhoin family. This turns out to be a more troublesome task than he expects, as Murasaki is spoiled, naive, and completely unaware of what life is like outside of the luxurious one she had previously. He also has no idea why Murasaki needs his protection, though he is slowly obtaining details from a well-informed classmate. Adding to his problems, Shinkurou still must continue to do his previous work for Benika and take care of his social relationships in school while protecting Murasaki, complicating his entire life. Nonetheless, as time passes, he and Murasaki grow close; however, trouble brews in the shadows as everyone - including Shinkurou - seems to be harboring secrets...

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mariprosa's avatar by mariprosa on Jan 6, 2009
Score: 8/10

Kurenai was a pleasant surprise of a series considering its 13-episode length, providing an engaging conflictive story revolving around charismatic and charming characters that drive it through to a satiating conclusion. Kurenai, the titular protagonist, is a dispute mediator that settles various missions under the watchful eye of Benika. His occupation lends him to settle things with quick... read more

Releashi's avatar by Releashi on Oct 4, 2009
Score: 6/10

This would have fallen flat if it weren't for the characterisation of the central characters. A pretty basic plot rescuing a damsal in distress with a small twist and the fighting wasn't hugely compelling or particularly interesting in their animation. Only a few of the relationships interested me but some of the characters geuinely seemed to develop and impact on each other more than in a lot of... read more

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