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Koutetsu Sangokushi

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2.255 out of 5 from 452 votes
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The Sovereign’s Seal is a powerful yet dangerous weapon, protected and passed down through generations in the Riku house. Now that it has been stolen and used in a battle between the Kingdoms of Go and Gi, no one can rest without fear of a war. And so, the last descendant of Riku family, Rikuson Hakugen – chosen by the Seal to be the Crimson Warrior – abandons his beloved master Koumei to become a servant of Go. However, the situation becomes complicated when the Seal is stolen again, leaving Rikuson confused and uncertain about the path he is to follow. But in a war there is no time for hesitation. Will Rikuson be able to create his own destiny and, more importantly, stop the Seal’s power before it’s too late?

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Name Role
Kouichi HASHIMOTO Character Design
Chiyomi TSUKAMOTO Character Design
Yukio OKANO Character Design
Tetsuya ENDO Director

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TsubakiYuki watched Koutetsu Sangokushi at 25 of 25 episodes
AnimeGirl1990 watched Koutetsu Sangokushi at 25 of 25 episodes
kittty120 is watching Koutetsu Sangokushi anime at 8 of 25 episodes
kittty120 is watching Koutetsu Sangokushi
Winnie watched Koutetsu Sangokushi at 25 of 25 episodes

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Both series are about an artifact which grants power to its user, however, the same power might corrupt its user. The main characters both wield swords to safeguard the peace in the world. Also, a question in both series is, who can be trusted?

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