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Koutetsu Jeeg

Koutetsu Jeeg
3.403 out of 5 from 46 votes
Rank #1,869


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Name Role
Kazuo NAKAMURA Character Design
Masayuki AKIHI Director
Michiaki WATANABE Music

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Title Author Score Date
Koutetsu Jeeg roriconfan 5/10 Jul 21, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
Thrash2 Thrasherized 112 Jan 3, 2011
My Top Anime Rasen 38 Jul 4, 2009

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Hyakujuu-Ou GoLion

Hyakujuu-Ou GoLion


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There is a web of shows that have a hero machine, but these two share more in what they fight.

Both titles have large beasts that the hero mecha has to fight, that are more on the magical side.

In Golion it is more a team, in Koutetsu it is more a pair. But there was a combination sequence much like Golion(Voltron). Except the pilot in Koutetsu who actually transforms into the head.

I originally saw Koutetsu as (El Vegador) and Go Lion as Voltron, but the similarities are very much the same.