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Haruka Kotoura has had a psychic ability to read minds since she was born, but her inability to grasp that she's different has led her to be ostracized by every friend she's made. When she meets Manabe, she can't help but be surprised - when he's not imagining strange creatures dancing through the desert, the boy is a hopeless pervert and makes no attempt to hide his dirtiest fantasies. What's more, Manabe isn't driven away by Kotoura seeing his thoughts, and even goes out of his way to befriend her - seemingly because he enjoys thinking of the girl erotically and seeing her subsequent embarrassment! Before long, the once-lonely girl even meets other students who aren't pushed away by her abilities. Could this be the start of a normal school life, with real, lasting friends for Kotoura?

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DrDoctor13's avatar by DrDoctor13 on Apr 20, 2013
Score: 10/10

This anime is a romantic comedy drama about a girl who can uncontrollably read minds, and has a crush on a pervert. Where could you possibly go wrong? WARNING: There are many feels in the first episode. read more

Sharalyn's avatar by Sharalyn on Mar 16, 2013
Score: 9.5/10

Kotoura-san is a cute, light-hearted comedy with some deeper themes carried throughout. There are a lot of really funny moments and reactions, including some hilariously perverted moments (although overall pretty clean). The characters are well developed and the story really grabs you and leaves you wanting more. The animation is cute and pleasant to watch. What I really love most about this anime is how it... read more

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