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Kosuke and Rikimaru: Dragon of Konpei Island

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Kosuke and Rikimaru are the two young guardians of Konpei Island, home to the last surviving dragon on Earth. It is their job to look after the dragon, which they named Pochi, on a day-to-day basis, from ensuring its safety to taking it a basket of oranges to eat. One day, when Sakurako, a professor from Tokyo, comes to the island to research the dragon, the two boys act as her host and guide. However the situation takes a turn for the worse when a collector named Yamada arrives on the island to kill Pochi and take the stone on its forehead. Now it's time for Kosuke and Rikimaru to show what they are made of and fight off the intruders, including Yamada’s hired goon, Michael Commando, and save the life of not just Pochi, but of all the residents on Konpei Island!

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While both of these series have rather different plotlines, they both give off a similar sort of vibe. They are both fairly family-friendly adventure series, and though Popolocrois is more of a fantasy, Kosuke and Rikimaru also has elements of the fantastic about it. If you enjoyed one of these series, it may be worth trying the other.