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At Yamaboshi High, joining a school club is required, so when Himeko, Iori, Taichi, Yoshifumi and Yui couldn't find a suitable choice, they decided to create their own: the School Culture Club! Together, they pass the days meeting and coming up with topics for the group's newspaper – that is, until one day, Yoshifumi and Yui proclaim that they switched bodies last night! Soon after, all five members of the gang find themselves inadvertently swapping at random, with no end in sight. What, or who, caused this supernatural phenomenon?

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kokiricubone's avatar by kokiricubone on Aug 6, 2014
Score: 9/10

So I'm just gonna get out this out of the way if you hate un-finished storys you will hate this anime. this anime is near perfect an amazing story consisting of randomn phenomenons occuring to a group of five, Taichi,Inaba,Iori,Yui,Aoki these charcters combined are amazing and have some serious devlopment and romantic situations and this is pleasing after bonding with them for many episodes and the insights to... read more

sneezetease's avatar by sneezetease on Sep 18, 2014
Score: 2/10

nope.  didn't like this one at all.  the drama was the cheesiest ive seen in an anime i think.  every single demon they were struggling with was like the most cliche or stupid thing. or maybe it was just in the presentation? i don't know, but the whole thing had me scoffing and rolling my eyes and shaking my head.  I feel like a teenager who has never watched an anime before would think this... read more

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