Koihime Musou

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Rumors tell of a black-haired beauty that roams the land, taking down bandits that would harm the weak and innocent. Named Kan’u, the well-endowed warrior travels the land with her new friend Chouhi and a varied cast of companions, from the kind Koumei to the egotistical Sonshoukou and beyond. Together, the gang takes odd jobs, engage in political struggles and find plenty of new adventures along the way!

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  • The Sisterhood of Kan'u, Chōhi and the Sisters image

    Episode 1

    The Sisterhood of Kan'u, Chōhi and the Sisters

  • Kan'u is Going to Die with Chōun image

    Episode 2

    Kan'u is Going to Die with Chōun

  • Chōhi Battles with Bachō image

    Episode 3

    Chōhi Battles with Bachō

  • Bachō Attacks Sōsō image

    Episode 4

    Bachō Attacks Sōsō

  • Kan'u Exterminates a Monster image

    Episode 5

    Kan'u Exterminates a Monster

  • Chohi Competes with Koumei image

    Episode 6

    Chohi Competes with Koumei

  • Chohi has a Fight with Kan'u image

    Episode 7

    Chohi has a Fight with Kan'u

  • Kan'u Interrupts Kouchuu's Plot image

    Episode 8

    Kan'u Interrupts Kouchuu's Plot

  • Enshou Finds a Treasure image

    Episode 9

    Enshou Finds a Treasure

  • Sonsaku’s Life is Threatened image

    Episode 10

    Sonsaku’s Life is Threatened

  • Kan’u Encounters Ryuubi image

    Episode 11

    Kan’u Encounters Ryuubi

  • Kan’u Accomplishes her Goal image

    Episode 12

    Kan’u Accomplishes her Goal

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Doggiedoodle's avatar by Doggiedoodle on Oct 1, 2011
Score 9.5/10

Before you consider me perverted, I have to say that I admired Koihime Musou. Now, for those who haven't known so far, Koihime is based on a visual number of the same name which in turn is based on the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong. In Koihime Musou, the setting is in China which was nearing the end of the Han Dynasty around 220 CE. The protagonist in this tale is a young woman named... read more

skitzopsycho's avatar by skitzopsycho on Aug 15, 2010
Score 3/10

Story:What do you get when you take one one of the greatest historical chinese novels everRomance of the three kingdoms, make all the main characters female, add crude sex jokes, ecchi material, and screaming 2 year olds? You get one of the most horrific, depriving, and insulting animes ever conceived. I'm continually amazed how low studios will sink to make some money, and this time they have gone too... read more

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