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ALL anime's I've ever watched! :oby KawaiiOtaku01

I'll add as soon as I finish one :3 Both series and movies c:

My top shounen-Ai/yaoiby rachelhand

I Will State What Is Yaoi 💕

YAOI is LOVEby ekkaiinam007

----> this was just some of the yaoi/shounen ai that I saw already. I

☆ YAOI YAOI YAOI ☆by Bfields

Are you looking for some Boy Love anime? This list has all the ones I've seen & their great!

Top Rated Animeby essagierc

My favourite, top rated anime.

Watched - 2016by Aonox

Anime I watched in 2016.

The List of Terriblenessby SpanglishJC

These are anime that only managed to get at most a single miserable star from me. These are in chronological order of when I saw them.