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Anime released by Discotek Media officially in Englishby bvincent

Still working on adding the details and a couple of newer announced titles.

Anime I Plan To Watchby NicoCake

Every single of my plan to watch anime is in this list alphabetically. ( This list is outdated ).

Worst animes I've ever seen.by ilovecookies

This list is exactly what it says on the tin. I probably could add more. I'm expecting some hate for this as ive put some on it that are really popular. Sorry. xD. I dislike these animes for a variety of reasons, such as the annoying or and...

Haremby Furysgarbage

Harem Anime I have watched so far.

Favorite anime of 2005by dgmikep

A list of my favorite anime created in 2005

Haremby CharlesWindfrey

Just some anime's I deem "Harem anime"