Koi Koi Seven

TV (13 eps)
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Tetsuro has just transferred to a new school, and upon his arrival he is quickly dumbfounded by the endless parade of pretty panties and mammoth mammaries. This place, he discovers, caters to only women – not to mention the fact that every student and faculty member is heavily endowed and scantily clothed! A fellow student (and seemingly an acquaintance from his childhood), Yayoi, has a crush on Tetsuro, but the leaders of the student council also want Tetsuro for their own purposes! Fortunately Yayoi's five friends are there to keep the student council leaders at bay. Collectively, they are known as the Koi Koi 7, and they are intense rivals of the student council leaders. Life is certainly exciting at the Gokoh Academy; if it isn't giant robots and military helicopters battling it out, it's an endless barrage of well-endowed girls wearing short revealing skirts, lingerie, or sometimes nothing at all!

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Wyr3d's avatar by Wyr3d on May 23, 2015
Score: 1/10

This anime is dire. The blurb description given on the streaming site I saw this on defined it as "a comedy highschool anime" about a boy who is sent to a all girl school by mistake. It sounded interesting so I checked it out. I want my invested time back

There is no reason given as to why the M/C is sent to the girl school. "The Koi Koi Seven" consist of six girls who are... read more

Athulryes's avatar by Athulryes on Feb 7, 2011
Score: 2/10

Horrible anime as far as I'm concerned.

The story wasn't coherent at all, as far as I could tell and it seemed to try and be funny and sad.. and so much! It tried too hard and didn't look that good, either. I have no idea what this was, other then bad. read more

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