Koharu Biyori

Alt titles: Indian Summer

OVA (3 eps)
3.053 out of 5 from 1,657 votes
Rank #2,910

When Murase Takaya, an average and somewhat perverted boy, decides to buy a robot to keep him company, it is the robot that chooses him. However, when the maid is delivered, her particular programming leads her to refuse wearing her uniform, throw away his sexy figurine collection and run away! The two soon make up; and though their relationship remains complicated, they get along more and more in time. From wearing all kinds of costumes to taking care of kids, will Yui find of what she's made for?


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jiropracter's avatar by jiropracter on Jul 13, 2011
Score: 6/10

Story: Quite average; typical ecchi comedy. Includes a lot of cosplay so if cosplay is your thing then this anime will suit you nicely.   Animation: Average animation; nothing special.   Sound: Nothing caught my ear, boring OP and ED   Characters: Forgetable, No real depth because of lack of time to develop. One's a robot, the other is a cosplay maniac   Overall: Overall this anime... read more

cannand's avatar by cannand on Nov 26, 2013
Score: 6/10

The anime Koharu Biyori (Indian Summer) is comedy ecchi based off of robots that are assigned to masters in everyday life. At first glance this didn't seem odd but after watching the anime as a whole the story itself was very cluttered and had no clear path. It would cutscene to different scenes and transition massively to scenes which come out of nowhere. Some parts however were a more like romantic based... read more

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