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Kodomo no Omocha

Alt titles: Child's Toy

Kodomo no Omocha main image
3.949 out of 5 from 2,782 votes
Rank #809


Kurata Sana has a very eventful life. Though she’s only in the 5th grade, she’s the star of a popular TV Show called “Child’s Toy”. She lives with her eccentric mother and her boyfriend aka manager aka pimp, and faces hell at school. Her archenemy, Hayama Akito, turns the classroom into chaos each day, but Sana is finally ready to put her foot down! Can she defeat Akito and take control of her class? And more importantly, how will she deal with the secrets she finds about him?

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Kodomo no Omocha OVA OVA 1995 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Kodocha 1994 TBD
Deep Clear 2010 TBD
Name Role
Hajime WATANABE Character Design
Miho OBANA Original Manga Creator
Yoko MATSUSHITA Producer
Noriko KOBAYASHI Producer

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Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Kodomo no Omocha KiraRin 6.5/10 Jan 7, 2010
Child's Toy KiraRin 6.5/10 Jan 7, 2010

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Title Author Score Date
Kodomo no Omocha Riruri 5/10 Aug 22, 2013
Child's Toy Riruri 5/10 Aug 22, 2013
Kodomo no Omocha lil1doll 9/10 Jun 9, 2013
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Anime I own some of on DVD Ranmarotto 22 Jun 27, 2014
Animes I Have Watched xkrissiiex 76 Jun 11, 2014
visti Tilius 437 Feb 3, 2014
Post Name Username Comments Date
Kodocha Aurura 0 Nov 19, 11
Favorite AMV's DragonNeko 0 Jun 1, 10
Happy Mothers Day chii 1 May 9, 10
The kodocha sub flyboy42 0 Jul 6, 09
DeliriousPanda stalled Kodomo no Omocha at 27 of 102 episodes
nohart won't watch Kodomo no Omocha
Break2 removed the Kodomo no Omocha anime from their anime list
Break2 watched Kodomo no Omocha at 102 of 102 episodes
Blazeyboo is watching Kodomo no Omocha anime at 28 of 102 episodes

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Strawberry Marshmallow

Strawberry Marshmallow

Ahh, the life of an elementary school student. Though Chika, Matsuri, Miu and Ana should focus on schoolwork, they’d much rather have fun instead. Whether it’s outings with 20-year-old-chain-smoker Noboe, holding each other hostage or learning to speak English with Ana’s foreign-born skills, there’s never a dull moment in the life of the girls. Join this cute quartet as they do cute (and often devious) things in cute and quirky ways!

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Small children getting their kicks from bizarre games and beating each other to the ground - what could be more amusing? Although the animation of Komocha is certainly dated by todays standards, overlook this and you will be rewarded with a very funny, heart warming show. And if you haven't yet seen Mashimaro, then get on it! Right now! Omocha fans will definitely love it.

Tenshi na Konamaiki

Tenshi na Konamaiki

Megumi was a normal kid. He enjoyed getting into fights and mixing it up, and one day he did so in defense of a wizard who was being attacked by bullies. His reward was a magical book that was supposed to grant his wish. The mischievous demon inside the book decided to play a prank on Megumi, though, and instead of turning him into "a man among men," he became a girl. Fast forward to five years later, and Megumi is now entering high school, a tumultuous time for even normal teenagers, let alone a girl who is trying to figure out how become a guy again...

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Both series involve school (Tenshi na Konamaiki -> High school, Kodom no Omocha -> Junior High) and have really similar random humor. Unlike you might think, Tenshi is not the more serious of the two. Kodomo no Omocha has really heavy drama, while Tenshi na Konaomaik doesn't have much more than a thin romance Story.

Tsuyokiss Cool x Sweet

Tsuyokiss Cool x Sweet

Sunao Konoe has just transferred to a new school and quickly makes new friends in the flirtatious Shinichi, loud Kinu and other classmates, but what she really wants is to form a theater club. There’s just one problem: the student council has to approve any new clubs, and the group is led by Erika, an arrogant girl who refuses the request! With distractions such as her childhood friend Leo, part time jobs and Erika’s outlandish challenges standing in her way, will Sunao ever manage to form the theater club?

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Both feature an aspiring and overly-determined school-aged lead character who earn and develop the trust, respect and frienship of those around her.  The supporting characters are funny and hold their own in side stories...

Tsuyokiss Cool x Sweet is different, however, in that there's a tone of fan-service in each ep...  that aside, the story as a whole is light-hearted and fun.