Kodomo no Jikan (2007)

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Hanamaru Youchien

Hanamaru Youchien

Tsuchida has just started working at the Hanamaru Kindergaten, and, as the first and only male teacher at the school, he’s particularly nervous. Unfortunately his first day doesn’t go quite as smoothly as planned as not only does Tsuchida turn up late, but then a small girl named Anzu claims that he hit on her in front of all the parents! Though he manages to initially clear up the misunderstanding, at the beginning of his second day, Anzu proclaims that she will be his bride and that her mother, Tsuchida’s senior in high school, is supporting them all the way! Now as Tsuchida attempts to become the best teacher he can be, he must also try and quell the rumors that he is dating Anzu, and maybe win the heart of the beautiful and kind, yet ultimately clueless, Yamamoto-sensei…

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Reasons you might like Hanamaru Youchien...

Nectorice Nectorice says...

If you enjoy Kodomo No Jikan you may also enjoy Hanamaru Youchien.  The two shows have a similar set-up and type of humor.  The shows both use a male teacher with three young girls; and at least one girl puts him in situations that make him seems like a complete pervert.  Though Kodomo takes the eichii-ness quite a bit further than Youchien does.

SandJester SandJester says...

Both have the same kind of "Student in love with Teacher" plot. Only Hanamaru dosn't have as much lolicon and focuses more on being funny then a serious plot.

Curlypanda Curlypanda says...

Kodomo no Jikan is basically the ecchi version of Hanamaru Youchien, Although Both Animes have different audiences they are both similar in many ways; A student falls in love with a teacher who is new to the job and puts him in a place that makes him seem like a pervert, the student who falls in love with the teacher has two best friends who she asks advise about how to get him to like her, the personalities of the best friends are that ones really shy and the other just wants to look out for the girl who is in love. These are just some examples of what the animes have in common. both the animes have similar types of humour and are both set in a similar environment.

KingArthur13th KingArthur13th says...

Two series revolving around an incredibly young girl falling in love with her teacher. Both are filled with misunderstandings and sexual innuendo. Kodomo no Jikan is a bit more serious and more ecchi than Hanamaru Youchien.

ForTheLoveOfLoli ForTheLoveOfLoli says...

The main plot in these both animes is very much the same and most of the characters are quite alike as well. These are comedies about clumsy, inexperienced, awkward but kind-hearted male teachers, and the little school-/kindergarten girls who fall in love with them and complicate their lives. Be warned that KnJ is a much more mature, true-to-its-form lolicon anime, steeped in heavy loli ecchi, and with a few dark twists. 

liamb1996 liamb1996 says...

The two are set about the relationship between a very yound student and a newly employed Teacher.

Kodomo no Jikan is a heavy Ecchi series, with lewd moments and very perverted jokes.

Hanamaru Youchien is a very laid back series, with a strong comedy but a nice and laid back romance backing.

Depending on what you are looking for, Hanamru Youchien was a nice anime, pulled off very nicely by Gainax (I know Gainax for their nuts seris like FLCL, TTGL and NGE) so this was a tad surprisng. If you are after something with a more depth backing with characters, but a bit on the cheesier side of things, go for Kodome no Jikan.

I wouldnt recommend Kodomo no Jikan to younger viewers though!



Satoshi Yabe is the newest employee at Kamohashi Elementary School. Wide-eyed and enthusiastic, he’s thrilled to finally be fulfilling his dream of being a teacher – but little did Satoshi know that he’d be assigned to class 6-3, a group that houses none other than the violent and perverted Marui triplets! Between the girls trying to hook him up with the busty school nurse, dealing with the unfortunate consequences of a hamster named 'Titties' and other misadventures, Satoshi’s dream of an uneventful school life has come to an end!

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Reasons you might like Mitsudomoe...

Nectorice Nectorice says...

If you enjoy Kodomo No Jikan you may also enjoy Mitsudome.  The two shows have a similar set-up and type of humor.  The shows both use a male teacher with three young girls who torment him using eichi humor.  Though Kodomo does have romantic elements from the children, that Mitsudome does not have.

kebabrulle kebabrulle says...

Both stories are almost identical, perverted kids with boob facination and a tendency to use an excessive amount of violence against their fresh, first virgin teacher.

Kodomo no Jikan is a bit more sexual and not only jokes. Except that the shows are pretty much the same. So if you love the one you'll like the other.

Tanum Tanum says...

If your a fan of the middle school echi you should definetlly watch this serie. Mitsudomoe is funnier, but they are verry similar in concept.

cassiesheepgirl cassiesheepgirl says...

Like pervy young kids terrorising their naive young male teachers? Then both Mitsudomoe and Kodomo no Jikan are for you! Though KnJ is a little higher up the wrongness scale when it comes to teacher-student relationships, both have a similar sort of style of humour.

Kyou no Go no Ni

Kyou no Go no Ni

Fifth grade is a time for learning and growing and... getting into a whole mess of trouble! Class 5-2 is a "typical" fifth-grade class whose members always seem to be up to something. The leaders of their group are Ryota and Chika - Ryota's childhood friend who has a crush on him that she can’t seem to confess. While Chika continues on, remaining a close and valued friend, Ryota continues to be a typical boy who is oblivious to her feelings. Furthermore, he can’t seem to stay out of trouble with the ladies! Different situations keep their lives busy during school – everything from loose teeth to getting locked in the PE storage room. School is much more enjoyable when you are young and full of dreams!

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Reasons you might like Kyou no Go no Ni...

mariprosa mariprosa says...

Despite not caring for either series, I think people who like ecchi comedy centralized around young school-aged characters would like both Today in Class 5-2 and Kodomo no Jikan. Both series press the thematics of lolicon comedy and revolve around a set of young characters in a school-based environment. The difference between the two are that Today in Class 5-2 is a series of short stories within an OVA series, while Kodomo no Jikan is a progressive story.

Oehr Oehr says...

Both series are taking place mainly in schools and combine the best and funniest ecchi elements in every episode. No unneccesary panty shots, no awkward positions. If you like ecchi anime with a good and entertaining story, be sure to watch both!

Airotia Airotia says...

If you're a fan of Kyou no Go no Ni or Kodomo no Jikan, chances are, you'd probably like the other. They both have similar settings, an elementary school, with somewhat perverse children.

Kodomo no Jikan goes a step further than Kyou no Go no Ni by adding the taboo child student/adult teacher pairing, as well as the inclusion of the fact that all of the perveseness in Kodomo is intentional.

In Kyou no Go no Ni, most of the perverseness is accidental and comedic, and while there are slight undertones, the obvious intent is for the humor. All of the ecchi scenes are also between two (... or more) people of the same age group, unlike Kodomo.

Both are funny, but Kodomo has fewer characters and delves more into the darker edges of the plot, while Kyou no Go no Ni... lacks a plot entirely, as is pure comedy.



Ryofu Housen (Lu Bu) is a powerful general from the Three Kingdoms. Alongside Chinkyuu (Chen Gong), Ryofu suddenly finds himself falling to Earth, and landing... in the body of an elementary school student?! With their new lives as flat-chested, women-loving children, Ryofu and Chinkyuu follow their hunger and their desire to get back to their old lives somehow; but it will be difficult, given the variety of obstacles in their way including old enemies, epic monster battles and the most important thing of all, trying to get their hands on Eri-sensei's mammoth F-cup breasts!

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Reasons you might like Ryofuko-chan...

sothis sothis says...

Now, I know you aren't supposed to recommend something you haven't seen; so I'm going to use the "I'm the site founder" card just this once and break my own rule.

Ryofuko-chan is over-the-top loli, to the point of being flat out wrong to watch. Every single blog post or comment I've read has likened Ryofuko-chan to Kodomo no Jikan (and furthermore, say that Ryofuko-chan makes Kodomo no Jikan seem tame in comparison). So I have to make the recommendation in this case. Watch both and prove me wrong, and then I'll take this down. XD Don't follow my example though... recs should always be for two things you've seen! ^_^;

icejamez icejamez says...

Loli :3 Both these animes have a central lolicon theme to them. Kodomo no jikan takes on a more real life, believable situation as opposed to Ryofuko-chan's, which is highly unlikely. They both have lots of fan-service and comedy in them while I found a bit of drama in Kodomo unlike Ryofuko. Either way i'f ya want something to watch check it out.

Ro-Kyu-Bu ~ Fast Break!

Ro-Kyu-Bu ~ Fast Break!

The story centers around a high school freshman boy named Subaru Hasegawa who joined the basketball team, but the team stopped playing due to the captain being suspected of being a lolicon. Subaru somehow ends up as a coach of an elementary school's basketball team with five girls.

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Reasons you might like Ro-Kyu-Bu ~ Fast Break!...

Etue Etue says...

If you liked watching extremely young girls seemingly being interested in their ''teacher'' than look no further. Both anime possess ecchi scenes however kodomo no jikan pulls a little further into lolicon material while Ro kyu bu plays it a little safer and has a running plot beside it instead of making it the main plot. 

ForTheLoveOfLoli ForTheLoveOfLoli says...

Ro-Kyu-Bu! is not so much about sports as, like Kodomo no Jikan, about budding teacher-pupil relationships, aspired mainly (but not exclusively) by the little girls. KnJ takes the drama and ecchi much farther, but RKB! has plenty of ecchi and a great feel-good element. In both animes you will hope the girls win the the hearts of their (much older) dream guy.