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The cheery Kobato Hanato is on a mission to heal people’s damaged hearts and gather the resulting “konpeito”; she must collect one hundred of these candy-shaped trophies in order for her deepest wish to be granted: to go to a certain place. Along the way, she’s accompanied by an ever-disgruntled, talking stuffed animal of a guardian named Ioryogi who scores her efforts, attempts to keep her on-track, and reminds her of the rule governing her task: she only has one year to fulfill her goal.

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Rhaynebow's avatar by Rhaynebow on Dec 9, 2012
Score: 10/10

One of the most underrated animes EVER. After watching both seasons of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and full-knowingly getting my heart smashed into a million pieces watching the OVAs, my heart finally had some closure with this heartwarming tale of girl and her wish.. STORY: Like I said before, Kobato is the tale about a girl's wish. The title character Kobato Hanato is such a girl. Obviously not of this... read more

darkvampiregirl101's avatar by darkvampiregirl101 on Jun 20, 2010
Score: 10/10

i love this anime it made me cry a lot at episode 23 but at the ending of episode 24 i was so happy. this anime starts out very happy then it goes happy and sad at the same time then at the ending its so nice. its a very happy ending. :) read more

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