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K.O. Beast

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3.182 out of 5 from 125 votes
Rank #2,357


In the distant future, two species are at war to avoid extinction. Humans, who came from another world in search of a new residence, are now fighting against the Beasts, a human-like race who can morph into the shapes of animals. Wan of the Tiger Clan, Bud Mint of the Bird Clan and Mei-Mer of the Mermaid Clan are the three most powerful Beasts, and also the biggest threat to humans. The evil and demonic minions of the human race, V-darn and V-sion, have a plan: eliminate the three and acquire Gaia, the most valuable treasure of all. But the Beasts are after it too, and their Jinns, man-made clan totems, were created to protect Gaia no matter what. Things look up for the Beasts when they meet Tuttle of the Mermaid Clan and the little girl Yuni, who seem to hold the key for everything. Who will find the treasure first, the Beasts or the humans?


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Name Role
Takehiko ITO Character Design
Hiroshi NEGISHI Director
Hirohiko FUKUDA Music
Nagateru KATO Producer
Yasuhisa KAZAMA Producer
Toru HARADA Producer

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Anime I have re-watched on multiple occasions Cupid 40 May 31, 2011
Animes to Watch MokumokuHoshi 704 May 18, 2011
List nabe65 5 Jan 14, 2010
soltys dropped K.O. Beast
dj8900 dropped K.O. Beast
YoruJigoku removed the K.O. Beast anime from their anime list
sabutaatti stalled K.O. Beast at 1 of 7 episodes
animeobssesivetomuch won't watch K.O. Beast

Recommendations if you like K.O. Beast

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An Earth girl named Maze suddenly finds herself and her house in a strange and magical forest, with no memory of how she got there (or much else for that matter). When she answers a knock at her door, she finds that she saved a princess named Mill when her house landed on Mill's pursuers. As they set out upon their journey, they are attacked by evil demi-humans and demi-armors - but all is not lost! It turns out that Maze has some kind of mystical powers, and Mill can summon a powerful demi-armor of her own. While Maze's powers are strong during the day, she has little control over them. Once night falls however, Maze transforms into a man; this version of Maze has even stronger powers and seems to have complete control over them. As they make more friends during their journey, it seems that everyone wants to get intimate with the female Maze, and the male Maze wants to get intimate with every female!

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If you like Maze or KO Beast, You'll like the other, no questions asked. They both have mechas from combining people/animals. They both have super natural powers. They both oppress a stronger group. I just wish there was a way to do a three way recommendation in one rec.

In KO Beast, it takes 3 animals to make a mecha; In Maze it takes the princess and maze, even though maze is made up of two different people and tech. is three people for the mecha, the mecha requires only two person.

In Maze, the good guys fight the holders of the world; and so do the good guys in KO Beast.

This recommendation is a little hashed together, I just am really excitted, I'm going to watch Maze right now.



Meet Lina Inverse, a mighty sorceress who fights evil in the name of... greed, gluttony and black magic?! When she meets Gourry, a swordsman whose skill with the blade is rivaled only by his stupidity, Zelgadis, a grumpy sorceror who's been turned into a golem, and Rezo, a priest known for his benevolence (with a dark secret), you know her adventures are just beginning!

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If you like Slayers or K.O. Seiki Beast (aka ko century beast) since they both have similar art styles, and a slapstickish, cute, sort of sense of humor mixed with action/sword fighting, and ridiculous stuff.

I found the styles to be very similar.

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