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Kite Liberator

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2.977 out of 5 from 2,038 votes
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In a city where rapists and murderers prey on the innocent, the young Monaka Noguchi lives a double life; a clumsy high school student and waitress by day, she transforms into the skilled assassin Angel of Death at night. Her father is an astronaut and has always been out of reach, so Monaka must balance her studies and job, as well as support herself, while also hunting down those who deserve to die. With a cool and calm demeanor, even in the face of bloodshed, it seems that nothing can sway Monaka’s resolve; however, her newest job will prove to be most difficult, and hit a little too close to home...

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Kite Movie 1998 TBD
Name Role
Yasuomi UMETSU Character Design
Yasuomi UMETSU Director
Tomohisa ISHIKAWA Music
Mariko KUSUHARA Producer
Osamu KOSHINAKA Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Kite Liberator angelsreviews 3/10 Aug 6, 2013
Kite Liberator Klitch 3/10 Jan 31, 2011
Kite Liberator truthillusion 9.3/10 Apr 5, 2010
HorrorHamster watched Kite Liberator at 1 of 1 episodes
yunaleska rated the Kite Liberator anime 3.5/5 stars
AlphaKennyOne wants to watch Kite Liberator
JosipBrozTito watched Kite Liberator at 1 of 1 episodes
kurosakigirl15 wants to watch Kite Liberator

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  • OVA (6 eps x 45 min)
  • 2008

Rin is a private investigator with an advantage: near immortality. Thanks to the spores of the Yggdrasill tree, both she and her assistant Mimi have lived many years longer than the average person. That isn’t to say that being immortal doesn't have its problems. With 'angels' wanting to devour them, the being Apos sending wave after wave of professional assassins to kill them, and constant hangovers from long nights of drinking, being immortal still has its downsides. With Apos' attempts at removing them from the picture increasing, can Rin and Mimi figure out what he is after so they can return to their morning shots of Vodka?

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Both are about female leads kicking ass.

Lots of violence with a sexualised nature in a -noir kind of atmosphere.

Kite Liberator is more similar to Mnemosyne (in contrast to Kite) due to the more sci-fi/fantasy feel between the two.

And whilst Monaka (Liberator) is a hired assassin and Rin (Mnemosyne) is more detective, and are both whimsical sort of characters (though they are distincly very different) who ultimately fight for what they perceive as 'good/justice'.

Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~

Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~

A young man awakens in an abandoned warehouse with no memory of his past. As he leaves the room and ventures further into the warehouse he is attacked by a girl in a mask; she tells him that in order to live he must come at her with all his might. After a fight for his life, he manages to overpower the girl, learning that he is to be trained as a Phantom - an assassin for the Inferno organization. He is also given a new name: Zwei. For three months, Zwei is trained by the girl in the arts of assassination until he has just one final test: to kill a living human being.


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Both shows are about assassins but Kite Liberator goes the sci-fi route instead of realistic.

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