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Kiss x sis

Kiss x sis main image
3.81 out of 5 from 7,788 votes
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Although they are not related by blood, Keita finds himself the object of his feisty twin-sisters Ako and Riko’s affections. Using extremely creative ways to wake him in the morning, the girls kiss, caress and grope their way into Kei-chan’s bed in the hope of becoming his bride. Forbidden sibling love even spreads to the school classroom, and as the rivalry between Ako and Riko intensifies, will they stop at nothing to win their brother’s unwilling heart? But how far is too far, and can Keita say no to two beautiful young girls throwing themselves at him forever?

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Kiss x Sis TV TV 2010 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Kiss x Sis 2005 TBD
Name Role
Munenori NAWA Director
Bow DITAMA Original Manga Creator

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Title Author Score Date
Kiss x sis cannand 8.5/10 Nov 27, 2013
Kiss x sis Madoka 8/10 Mar 9, 2013
Kiss x sis UberSoldier 8.5/10 Dec 12, 2011
List Title Username Entries Date
anime list Zieferx 329 Jul 2, 2014
My anime xeli 176 Jun 14, 2014
Anime I recomend Drmix 57 May 23, 2014
Post Name Username Comments Date
First Impressions : Koe de Oshigoto! BloomingKodachi 0 Apr 23, 11
RandomlyAwesome is watching Kiss x sis at 9 of ? episodes
xDeadshot rated the Kiss x sis anime 4/5 stars
xDeadshot is watching Kiss x sis anime at 7 of ? episodes
xDeadshot is watching Kiss x sis
wraahun rated the Kiss x sis anime 3.5/5 stars

Recommendations if you like Kiss x sis

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B Gata H Kei - Yamada's First Time

B Gata H Kei - Yamada's First Time

Fifteen-year-old Yamada has just entered high school and is gung ho about achieving her ultimate goal: to have one hundred sex partners! There’s just one problem: she’s a virgin, and she hasn’t even had a boyfriend! To get the ball rolling, Yamada decides to target a shy boy named Takashi from her school; but even though he is also a virgin and she ruthlessly aggressive with her feminine ways, it’s not as easy as Yamada hopes. Though they begin to have feelings for each other, will Yamada and Takashi ever get past first base?

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Both of these anime feature female protagonists that have similar personalities, that is to say they're all incurably perverted. While the premise of each anime is different, the overall exeuction is similar and will most likely appeal to fans of either series.

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Kanokon ~Manatsu no Daishanikusai~

Kanokon ~Manatsu no Daishanikusai~

Summer break has come for the prudish virgin Kouta Oyamada and his friends. For Akane Asahina this means trips to the library, while for wolf-spirit Nozomu this means sleeping naked in a hot apartment or bathing in front of Kouta's house. Unfortunately for Kouta, summer brings with it Chizuru's racy morning exercise regimen and noodle eating in the buff. How is he supposed to get any homework done in these conditions? Whether it be catching bugs for food, creepily shooting video documentaries on their classmates, dropping in from the mountains to visit family or just going to see fireworks, the gang’s summer will be far from relaxing - and in various states of undress.

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Am I going to be arrested for watching this?

This is what would run through a normal person's head...I think...Let's be honest, some of us have dangerous taste and really enjoy more *cough* risqué material.  Well, I think the qualities these two anime have in common will cater to most of our...fetishes? What we have here is a nice blend of comedy and ecchi genres to form a hot cup of delicious borderline hentai. It's all the fun without the squealy "kimochii"s and "sugoi"s and such.

There's no denying that there are questionably young girls in each, and well, sometimes they're in various stages of undress; but how long can you watch sword fight after sword fight or ditzy/aloof female leads bonk themselves on the head while saying 'tee hee' before you need a radical change of scenery?

There is a nice balance between these two OVA animes in that Kanokon shows considerably more skin, while KissXSis deals with considerably more taboo content.  Both will definitely make you blush and peer over your shoulder to make sure no one else will catch you.  I guess if you don't actually like it, just say you watched it on a dare. Or don't tell anyone at all. NAUGHTY!

Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!

Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!

Akito Himenokouji and his twin sister Akiko are close - in fact, maybe a little too close for Akito’s comfort, as his sister has an unrestrained brother complex! Though her brother doesn’t take her lustful feelings seriously, Akiko is determined to set the record straight with the other ladies around him, including the three other beauties that live in his dorm and want the boy for themselves. Every morning, noon and night, the girl continues her mission to cross the line with Akito, and she won’t let any girl or sense or morality get in her way - for as long as there’s love, it doesn’t matter if he’s her brother!

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They both are extremly funny, ecchi and involved a sister trying to win the love of her brother from other girles.

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