Kiss x sis

OVA (12+ eps)
  • 2008 - ?
  • 3.78 out of 5 from 8,692 votes
    Rank #1,241

    Although they are not related by blood, Keita finds himself the object of his feisty twin-sisters Ako and Riko’s affections. Using extremely creative ways to wake him in the morning, the girls kiss, caress and grope their way into Kei-chan’s bed in the hope of becoming his bride. Forbidden sibling love even spreads to the school classroom, and as the rivalry between Ako and Riko intensifies, will they stop at nothing to win their brother’s unwilling heart? But how far is too far, and can Keita say no to two beautiful young girls throwing themselves at him forever?

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    UberSoldier's avatar by UberSoldier on Dec 12, 2011
    Score: 8.5/10

    If u want to see an ecchi anime with lots of laughs and totally akward situations thats the best one too see.Two sisters hitting on their brother as well as competing with each other in the most hilarius situations.If u like this kind of gender its a must watch. read more

    sarah2's avatar by sarah2 on Oct 29, 2010
    Score: 8/10

    okay this has to be like one of my al time favorites. If you are looking for a really happy and funny ecchi this is your anime to watch.The two sisters who are constantly trying to hit on thier brother make the anime super funny. Besides great humor ist also really ecchi, not the sensuraded kind of stuf, and they bring the brother complex issue so not awkward that this serrie is even watchable for everyone... read more

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