Kiss Dum: Engage Planet

Alt titles: Engage Planet Kiss Dum

TV (26 eps)
2.832 out of 5 from 459 votes
Rank #3,433

In 2031, ancient relics were found that proved the existence of an alien race, and they bore a chilling message: mankind will eventually be fated to fight the Hadeans, and their loss would mean the destruction of humanity. Now, twenty years later, man lives side by side with mutated creatures that spawned from the waters where the relics were discovered. The Neo International Defense Force (N.I.D.F.) was formed to protect the planet from any threats that may occur as a result. Chief scientist Yuno Rukina has been sent to find the Book of the Dead. But upon finding it, vast swarms of insects and large monsters appear around the globe; the Hadeans have finally arrived. As members of the N.I.D.F. try to contain the threat, Aiba Shu is mortally wounded; to save him from death, Yuno plunges the Book of the Dead into his chest, transforming into the Necrodiver – the messenger of humanity. Armed with integrated weapons and assisted by powerful guardians, Aiba must defend the planet against the Hadeans and keep his revenge against the human who betrayed her own race.

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