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Welcome to a world in which memories can be transferred from body to body; old painful memories can be removed and replaced with new ones, and the poor sell their bodies to the rich to survive. Waking up one day, Kaiba finds himself in a strange place with no memories of his past and a mysterious hole in his chest; the only clue as to his identity is a locket with a picture of a girl hanging from his neck. Armed with this token, Kaiba must now travel across the galaxy to discover who he is and what the girl in the locket means to him; however, his journey will bring him into contact with many people whose lives have been tragically affected by the manipulation of memories. All too soon it becomes clear that something is very wrong with this world…


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xaemar xaemar says...

Kino's Journey and Kaiba have many characteristics in common.

Both are about a traveler exploring many different and strange places. You will see many societies who live a different way that we are.

Both are really intelligent and will make you think! They contain philosophical thoughts about the meaning of life and many other things.

Also, both have a non typical animation and all about these two animes is original!

For conclusion, if you liked one, be sure to check the other!

sloggerK sloggerK says...

Unusual characters, unusual locales, unusual worlds. Serious and contemplative but lighthearted and friendly at the same time. Such are Kaiba and Kino's Journey.

VivisQueen VivisQueen says...

Like Kino no Tabi, Kaiba explores the moral dilemmas of life through incredibly poignant and often moving situations via the idea of exploring different worlds. Kaiba has more of a linear story than Kino no Tabi, which is episodic, but it has got a strong episodic phase in the beginning. Kaiba is also far more experimental where animation is concerned and has bizarre characters, but like Kino no Tabi, it will be a very emotional and thought-provoking journey.

Princess Arete

Princess Arete

Innocent, naive, and locked in the castle tower since birth, Princess Arete wants nothing more than to escape the royal life and live as the commoners live, and to see things that she has only dreamed about in her books. One day, her wish is granted -- though under less than ideal circumstances -- by the sorcerer Boax, who charms her into becoming his wife. On his flying machine from the days of magic, Arete embarks on a mystical journey full of discovery, enlightenment, and wonder beyond belief...

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sothis sothis says...

While Kino no Tabi is remarkably darker, both of these tales are an intelligent, beautiful look into humanity, and roles that we have been given that we may not wish for. Gorgeous animation and deep characters simply add to the wonder of the series. I highly recommend one if you liked the other.

SadisticTendencies SadisticTendencies says...

Kino's Journey and Princess Arete are both slow-paced and sophisticated tales with a similar visual approach playing out like some sort of solemn fairy tale. They also boast the best female characterization to be found in Anime, with two independent and intelligent heroines embarking on journeys and contemplating the mysteries of life and humanity. Words cannot describe how amazingly beautiful these two titles are, and if you enjoyed one I can't recommend the other enough.

Night on the Galactic Railroad

Night on the Galactic Railroad

Giovanni is a young cat with a troubled childhood -- he is bullied in school, and waits patiently day after day for his father to return from his journey. One festive evening, Giovanni and his friend Camponella find themselves aboard a great train which takes them to the edge of the universe and back. However, in the midst of the sights and wonders, Giovanni soon begins to discover that the train's purpose might be much different than it appears.

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vivafruit vivafruit says...

The similarities between Night on the Galactic Railroad and Kino's Travels might not be immediately obvious, but are definitely there. Each with their own individual companion (Hermes for KT, Camponella for NotGR), the protagonists both proceed on an allegorical journey where they passively witness some of the most fundamental elements of human nature. Both anime are decidedly quiet and reserved in their method of storytelling, an unusual trait in and of itself in a medium where Naruto and DBZ rule the ratings charts.

Kastrophee Kastrophee says...

Both Kino and Night on the Galactic Railroad involve a journey to an almost sad yet magical world of self discovery, and the bitter yet sweet aftertaste.  Both are great partners for each other.

Now and Then, Here and There

Now and Then, Here and There

Amidst a beautiful sunset, Shu is violently whisked away to a grim future devoid of water, and empty of hope; a place where children are forced to become soldiers, and kill countless others in the name of King Hamdo. Shu's companion is a mysterious girl named La La Ru, who may hold the key to survival. Now, he must concentrate on the only things that matter: escaping Hellywood, and finding a way home.

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morsmaestro morsmaestro says...

Kino no Tabi and Now and Then, Here and There, are both artistic series with messages and deeper meanings to be found. Now and Then, Here and There tells a story, with real drama and all the other attachments, whereas Kino no Tabi is mainly a philosophical study of life, the world, and humanity. NTHT still has this element, to a lesser degree, but adds a story. NTHT is much more dark and violent, but also much more uplifting and inspiring, and carries several themes present in Kino no Tabi.

bokusenou bokusenou says...

The both are really about the flaws of mankind, and what happens when people abuse power. With deep themes that keep one thinking, I'm sure someone who enjoyed one will like the other as well.

Gun Frontier

Gun Frontier

Gun Frontier: a sacred land for true men; a place where the weak aren't allowed to dream! Tochiro the samurai, the former sea pirate Harlock, and the mysterious Shinunora are searching the western front of the USA. They must face bandits, corrupt sheriffs and many other dangers; but even if it means tearing Gun Frontier from end to end, Tochiro will stop at nothing to find a lost clan of Japanese immigrants. It is they who can help him locate and rescue his sister, a master weapon smith who was kidnapped for her abilities.

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JAhU JAhU says...

If you liked Kino's Journey, Gun Frontier might interest you as well. It has travels, towns with unique laws and customs and it's first half is quite episodic. On the other hand the quality of the animation isn't that great and it does contain some nudity and adult themes (due to the animation, its rather annoying then disturbing). If it doesn't discourage you, you should give Gun Frontier a try.

sonis sonis says...

There are a total of 3 Titles for Kino's Journey. But I'd recommend watching them in chronical order.

Everything in the worlds are just the way they are, and all the characters in both animes want to fight fate per say.

Becomming un-normal outcast you could say are in both of the animes, and thats what gives the main characters a good demeaner.

They both deal with trying to fill in this void that doesn't return anything that you put into it, and the characters try to change the way fate works.

Trying your hardest will adventually cause gravity. I'd Recommend these animes all the way, I know that you might notice I might have noted one of these animes as want to watch as I haven't rewatched it yet... I'm just going off what I recall from memory when I was younger....