King of Thorn

Alt title: Ibara no Ou


Custom Lists

The no no'sby fuckssake

The ones I've seen (both series, movies and OVA's) that I felt were a huge disappointment, or just plain dumb. Stay away. Not necessarily the worst out there, but bad enough. Note, these are only the ones I've managed to finish.

My Personal Anime Collection 2015by Nerdlinger

This is a list of all Anime movies, OVAs, incomplete and complete series I own.

Favorite Animeby kamiikazeheart

Not including SOME sequel series, follow-up OVAs or specials. They will be counted along with the parent series.

Anime's on Disk 1by LiLxDeM0N

Anime's that i have on my external hard drive.

1. Anime Yearby Antauri

From: April 06. 2014 To: April 06. 2015

0My Timeline0by Antauri

From : April 06. 2014

100 Anime Challenge (2014)by Izelyca

Only exclusive to anime/OVA/movies that has been marked as "Watched" in 2014. | Anime: 40 | Movies: 18 | OVAs: 23 | Short Series: 8