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True Tears

True Tears

Shinichiro Nakagami is an everyday high school student, with the exception of having his beautiful and athletic childhood friend Hiromi Yuasa living in his household after the death of her parents. Unfortunately, their relationship is cold at best - Shinichiro can tell that she is suffering, but she acts coldly and distant from her foster family and so he is unable to help ease her sadness. His family is also forcing him to practice a traditional Japanese dance that does not interest him, adding to his frustration. On top of that, he is cursed to misfortune by another girl in school, the eccentric Noe Isurugi. Shinichiro juggles all of these problems on a day-to-day basis as he learns about love and the sadness of those around him.

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littlekitty littlekitty says...

Both Kimikiss and True Tears thematically center around being honest with your feelings and discovering who you truly love. With interesting characters, emotionally engaging plots, and plenty of twists along the way, both are excellent romance series. Kimikiss has more of a "slice of life" approach, which TT is more dramatic.

Also, True Tears and Kimikiss uniquely feature both male and female protagonists, so both guys and girls will be able identify with these series.

wolfangel87 wolfangel87 says...

The feelings of the main characters are the theme of True Tears and Kimikiss Pure Rouge. The emotional struggle of the high school ambiance is seen throughout each in a highly dramatic plot. There is a struggle with the main characters to determine to themselves what they are really looking for and what with their lives. The characters are also so well developed in each that they are easy to identify with.

ZetaAspect ZetaAspect says...

KimiKiss and True Tears are both excellent romantic dramas.  Although they have distinct plots, they are similar in basic execution.  Both stick to the drama, avoid fanservice, and stay relevant, all of which combine to generate unusually good overall pacing.  Also, the drama in both is generated by love triangles, as opposed to harems.  Furthermore, both shows share in their avoidance of using idiocy and/or incredible foolishness as driving forces in their stories; the leads in both shows consistently act in understandable ways, greatly contributing to the plausibility factor.  They do have their differences, of course.  KimiKiss follows a much larger cast over a longer span of episodes, achieving a broader scope than True Tears while still properly developing the leads.  True Tears, on the other hand, chooses to focus intently on merely three characters and develops them to an impressive degree.  In the end, though, what matters is that both KimiKiss and True Tears are tasteful romantic dramas with understandable characters and relationships. 

Also, it might be of some value to mention that both shows involve childhood friends of opposite sexes living in one house (that of the primary male lead).  Each show handles this aspect in a very different manner, however.

naceale naceale says...

Similar feelings when you are watching them.

When I watched True Tears, I felt that  every girl was absolutely splendid, and I felt a quite sad because, of course, only one of them would be able to get the boy who she loved. With Kimikiss I have felt exactly the same.

In both animes,you feel a quite sad about one of the girls because at the end you was in love with both of them!; but at the same time, you feel a injection of courage because that girl continues her life with cheerfulness. They are a real teaching about how to behave when you suffer because of love.

And on the other hand, you feel also very happy because of the girl whose love won, she is worth a fortune as well!

At first, Kimikiss seems very different from True Tears, but when you move forward the anime, you can see the similarities.

ukato ukato says...

Both tell the storys of love between highschool students, and portray how difficult it actually is, to be loved and love, more than one person at the same time.

Kimikiss is a more lighthearted and comedic series, that steadily builds up the touching scenes; whereas True Tears takes a much more deep and dramatic approach of illustrating the love polygons that exist between the characters.

I (almost) cried multiple times in both series, so i think that if you enjoy romance-dramas then you will sure love both of these wonderfully moving stories.

My personal preference is Kimikiss because i found it more "enjoyable", but i feel that True Tears is a "better" series because of its deeper portrayal of emotions, if u can compare them like that.



Jedo Jedo says...

Kimikiss Pure Rouge and True Tears share many factors which drove me to watch it in the first place. In both titles, the intensity of the drama is portrayed well by a mix of offered experiences. The experience of falling in love, heartbreak, love triangles, and several other feelings make both titles true to the Drama and Romance genre. Both shows have the ability to bring you to tears and dish out the tissue. I highly recommend Drama/Romance fans to watch these RAW and romantic shows.

jv4ever jv4ever says...

Both anime's have the setting of two girls loving the same guy and the problems that come with that.

*SPOILER* Also, in my personal opinion, they both have a bad ending. *SPOILER*

Adyth Adyth says...

romance with same problem.

**spoilers at the text**

whole show u see couple what u like so much and at the end is happening something what u will absolutly dont like ,nice ,beautiful and innocent girlz are getting crushed by their boyfriends. i dont have to say anymore that my final opinions were created by the last episodes of both animes. someone maybe liked their end but in my way ,NOT!

Hatsukoi Limited

Hatsukoi Limited

Ayumi, Kei, Koyoi, Rika and Nao are five middle school friends whose hot topic of conversation is, as always, love. Ayumi dreams of having a boy confess to her and can't understand the idea that receiving unwanted confessions can be troublesome. She even believes that she will happily accept any guy who approaches her - that is, until she receives a love letter from Misao, a large, delinquent high school boy whose very presence makes small children cry! Not wanting to date him but too scared to reject him, Ayumi has no idea what to do, especially when Misao, now nicknamed Beast-kun by the girls, begins following her to and from school. To make matters worse, Ayumi then falls for Mamoru, a boy in her class who is Beast-kun's brother! With plenty of experiences in life and love left ahead, will the girls retain their naive beliefs, or is it time to shake off that brother complex and realize that appearances aren't everything?

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xkub4 xkub4 says...

Those two animes don't focus on story of one character, but on few. Action goes on in school, there is love triangle. Similar set of characters, similar art, similar feeling, same studio.

These animes are really similar, so if you enjoyed kimikiss/hatsukoi, you'll also enjoy other one of them.

naceale naceale says...

Both of them are about first love, with several interlaced love stories.

The expression 'uncontrollable feelings' is very important in both of them, it is like the summary of the complete series.

Main characters are high-school girls in both animes.

Differences:- Hatsukoi is much more echhi, KimiKiss is mainly romantic- Hatsukoi is more comedy

shinigamidono shinigamidono says...

Both series are easy-going slice-of-life stories that take place in school. Lots of love triangles, pentagons and such and the art style is pretty well identical.

Am3n Am3n says...

love story not only of one charecter but few. They are wery similar. It is worth it to watch.

Muchiachio Muchiachio says...

High school romance featuring multiple love stories.

Both have girls as its protagonists.

Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~

Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~

Due to his parents' work, Riku Aoba is about to transfer to Tsumugino Private High School; but it's no ordinary high school! Unlike other student bodies, Tsumugino's academic system has a great deal of freedom; and as a result, Riku is often dragged into various schemes the student council has created, resulting in him being chased around the school for a prize reward. To make matters even more complicated, three of the most popular girls in school are falling for him. With such a busy school life, how will Riku survive?!

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icecore icecore says...

Both Series are centered in high school romance.  Also they originated as dating sim games, though their relevence to the former may be in question. 

Love triangles are themes in both.  In kimikiss it focuses on multiple character romances.  Tokimeki Memorial on the other hand focuses on the main character Riku and three love interest all vying for his affection.

Korwin Korwin says...

Aoba Riku and Sanada Kouchi are probably the most indecisive harem protagonists, to a level where they pull the girls around them subconciously into pseudo romance relationships causing them pain in the process without actually wanting that.

Slow paced and with much uncertainty the plot(?) progresses to the point where the main characters are practically forced in a corner to make the decisions about the choice of their love.

wolfangel87 wolfangel87 says...

Kimikiss Pure Rouge and Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ are high school shoujo romances that revolve around love triangles and the relationships between the characters in a real world situation.

Amagami SS

Amagami SS

After being stood up during a date on Christmas Eve, Junichi’s confidence took a critical nosedive. Two years later, he’s now a second year high school student and ready to give love another chance. Will he fall for the beautiful and popular Morishima, mischievous childhood friend Kaoru, shy and timid underclassman Sae, dependable class president Tsukasa, hardworking underclassman Ai or his gluttonous childhood friend Rihoko? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: Junichi is determined to make his next Christmas Eve date a successful one!

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gretzky99 gretzky99 says...

Both shows are galge adaptations therefore they feature several girls. The school life theme, romantic and comedic scenes are also common in both.

Kico7 Kico7 says...

Although amagami is shown in arcs and Kimikiss is just one storyline with two main characters...

BOth are from the same producer and have some heroins alike.

jShota jShota says...

The main character girl in Amagami SS is similar to Eriko Futami; they both seem to be awkward toward the one they love. The one they love desperately seems to go for them anyways. They both take place in a school and the animation is decent in both. There is two main guys in Kimi kiss though.

I''s Pure

I''s Pure

It's Christmas Eve and Ichitaka, with his friend Yasuo, await a double date. While waiting for Iori and Nami, Ichitaka reminisces about his experience with his life-long crush Iori. There were many opportunities to finally confess his love to Iori, especially the time when the two were selected to arrange the freshman entrance ceremony; but Ichitaka was either too shy or often misunderstood. The biggest misunderstanding of all was when Ichitaka's childhood friend, Itsuki came to live in Ichitaka's home all the way from the United States...

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TheVampireLastat TheVampireLastat says...

both of these animes are romance,drama, and slice of life animes. In both,there is a sorta shy guy with the hots for a girl who also likes him,but there love is going un realised to eachouther. Un anounced to the main charicter his child hood friend shows up and lives with him. You can guess what happens after if you have watched one of these shows. There are a bunch of simularities but i wont go into detail. Is pure is alot more sadder, and kimikiss has more comady. i liked both shows so i guess you may too.

wolfangel87 wolfangel87 says...

I’s Pure and Kimikiss Pure Rouge have same kind of feel to them in plot and character development. The stories deal with a high school setting of the students trying to deal with issues faced in a high hormone charged atmosphere. Interestingly enough they also both deal with a film setting involving the main characters.