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Kimikiss Pure Rouge: Love Fighter

Kimikiss Pure Rouge: Love Fighter
3.302 out of 5 from 751 votes
Rank #2,082


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Main Characters

Megumi KURYUU image Megumi KURYUU heart unheart

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Secondary Characters

Akira HIIRAGI image Akira HIIRAGI heart unheart
Kazuki AIHARA image Kazuki AIHARA heart unheart
Kouichi SANADA image Kouichi SANADA heart unheart
Mitsuki SHIJYO image Mitsuki SHIJYO heart unheart
Yuumi HOSHINO image Yuumi HOSHINO heart unheart

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Minor Characters

Asuka SAKINO image Asuka SAKINO heart unheart
Eiji KAI image Eiji KAI heart unheart
Eriko FUTAMI image Eriko FUTAMI heart unheart
Mao MIZUSAWA image Mao MIZUSAWA heart unheart