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One fateful evening, three capsules containing vampiric beings plummeted to Earth from outer space. Jay and Osamu are two salesmen who, by chance, run across one of these beings known as Kimera. Part man and part woman, Kimera is being transported as a specimen in the name of science – but when Osamu and Kimura lock eyes, it’s love at first sight, and Osamu vows to help set her free. Unfortunately for Osamu there are others who have their own plans for Kimera, including the two inhabitants of the other capsules...

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chii's avatar by chii on Oct 2, 2009
Score 7/10

Automatically this starts out with some lovely early 90's gore clearly influenced by the 80's still. yay random tenticals! I can see where this is going already! The best part though is that it seems to be a male cast so far so there's bound to be some smoochin ;) A few minutes later i am rewarded with tube kissing? o.O That's right one of the male leads is in a science place and sees a test tube person... read more


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