Kimba the White Lion

Alt title: Jungle Taitei

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Jungle Book: Shounen Mowgli

Jungle Book: Shounen Mowgli

When Mowgli was a baby, he accompanied his parents into the wilderness as they conducted research. Soon, he wandered away into the woods and his parents tragically fell off of a cliff, leaving him in the arms of the forest creatures. Now, Mowgli is a young boy. Having been raised by a family of wolves and taught by bears, panthers and even a lovable snake, Mowgli is wise to the goings of the wild. Together with his furry friends, Mowgli learns about what makes him different than the others and has plenty of adventures, all the while steering clear of a vicious tiger who wants him dead...

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sothis sothis says...

While Jungle Book has a human as a protagonist and Kimba does not, both are fun jungle-based tales aimed at the kiddies. With animal sidekicks and mentors and an obvious 'humans are bad' sort of feel, they'll appeal to the same audiences.