Kimagure Robot

TV (10 eps x 2 min)
2.703 of 5 from 206 votes
Rank #4,540

Need a house cleaner? A genie? A stand-up comic? Hakase Company has a solution for you: a robot, tailor made for your needs! From diary writing to spy catching, to thwarting alien invasions or extinguishing fires, there’s nothing these robots can’t do. But like most machinery, one thing is certain: malfunctions are bound to occur! Join the Doctor, his robotic assistant and mechanical creations galore as they save the world, one task at a time!

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sothis May 7, 2005
Score 8.7/10

From the minds of Studio 4C comes Kimagure Robot, a set of 10 shorts that show us a variety of misadventures involving... robots! There is no plot to be found, for the most part. The only thing that links the episodes is the existence of the Doctor (who creates the robots), and his Hakase Company. Though each episode doesn’t show us the Doctor, they do show us a situation that his robots have... read more



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