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Ending Themesby gzilla777

This list is short, since most ed themes are not memorable.

Challenge 2k17, 100 animeby KawaiiOtaku01

[Still adding][no special order] I'll have to finish all these through out 2017. I think I'm able to watch 100 animes, but I'm not sure I'll remember this list... like last time >.> I'm basically just adding a bunch of random anime I either want or...

Overpowered Formsby Zelsione

Anime's Strongest Girls

Definitely watch againby Texasluke1

anime that i've seen that are so good I will definitely watch them again.


Clasificación personal de los animes que he visto en esta corta pero intensa experiencia otaku.

Top 20 animes with amazing Shinigamichan

A several anime i've watched. If you're looking for animes with good stories then check my list.